Portrayed by Sharin Foo
Fullname Katrine Kristensen
Birthday December 25
Species Vampire
Age 20 (38)
Height 6'0"
Weight 145 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair White blonde
Occupation Musician

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Character Details

January is, to sum it all up… completely insane. Her moods are unpredictable and one can never be sure what will set her off next. One minute someone could be talking about cheese and the next they could be getting strangled. January often can't remember important details of her past life, something that torments her deeply and causes her to throw wild tantrums or sink into debilitating depression. Even the things that she does remember are just fragments and never seem to make any sense when she references them. But that usually happens when she talks about most everything. Occasionally she'll be referencing something completely tangible, but the non-sequitirs she speaks in are rather hard to decipher. Due to her bad turn, January hears voices. Not the happy fun reassuring voices, but the violent burn-everything-down-leave-no-survivors voices. Most of the time she thinks they're joking or talking about something totally different — and will hold entire conversations with them aloud — but sometimes acts on their advice.

January realizes that other supernatural things exist. Though she doesn't really care. She doesn't bother them too much and they don't bother her. For the most part.


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Title Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Die Slow by Health General "She sees red at night."
Keep Your Head by The Ting Tings Insanity "Living with the lights off, ain't nobody home."
Preparedness by The Bird and The Bee Memory "Do you know where you're from? Turn around, your crumbs are gone. Are you lost, are you not there, are you shut down, are you prepared?"
The Owl by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness General Instrumental

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