Jeremiah Johnson
Portrayed by Kyle Gallner
Fullname Jeremiah Castor Johnson
Birthday September 2
Species Vampire
Age 63(21)
Height 5'7
Weight 150 lbs.
Eyes Hazel
Hair Red Brown
Occupation Paralegal

Claim to Fame

In the AVL he's known as the quiet, brooding researcher who keeps his head down. He's yet to make waves in Dallas, but back in Cambridge, MA. he was known as quite the party-boy vamp.


Born September 2, 1942 to John and Rosa Johnson, in Oakland, CA. His father a decorated WWII fighter pilot, absentee at the time of his birth, was a man he would never get to meet, and beyond hearing his mother tell stories of him as he grew older, he knew very little of the man. What he did know is that his father was shot down somewhere over the Pacific, and that his mother was left to raise him on her own.

To make ends meet, Rosa took a job at the Kaiser Shipyards as a secretary. It paid poorly, and she met a lot of gruff men, but they needed very little beyond food and shelter, and that's what she provided for them. Rosa was given plenty of opportunities to remarry and have someone care for them, but she was resolute and intent on doing it herself. She never bothered to remarry, and became something of an over-protecting and doting mother, as she felt guilty for her son having to grow up with only one parent.

When Jeremiah was seven, Oakland's shipbuilding industry pretty much disappeared. Rosa was let go of, and without work. No work meant no income, and for a while times were very lean. Malnourished, but still fed, the gangly young boy went out to get himself a job as a newspaper delivery boy. It paid mere pennies, but it was more than what they had been getting as income. Seeing how hard her young son was working to provide for her, Rosa took a job as a waitress at a bar, and had her parents look after the boy during the nights she worked.

Things went on in this manner until the late 50's. Rosa was re-hired by the Kaiser Corporation to work as a secretary at their new headquarters building. As Jeremiah was considerably older now and in school for most of the day, there was little trouble he could get into.

Which was true. Jeremiah was a studious, quiet boy. He kept his head down at school, rarely made friends, and was a bit of a square. This led to him being picked on by the bullies of the school, constantly called a mama's boy. There was generally not a week that went by in high school where he wasn't injured in some way by this, or had his lunch stolen, or was pantsed.

His grandfather told him to fight back, but Jeremiah was a good guy, and the truth of it was that he was a mama's boy. With no strong male role model in his life, he would rather just keep his head down and not add more stress to his mother's life. Every injury was coddled, was kissed away, and was treated gently. Jeremiah had to stop his mother from going to the high school to yell at the boys more than once, but in the end she wound up speaking with the principal, which stopped the bullying for the last few months of his senior year.

Jeremiah always did well in school, and it was no surprise to his family when, in 1960, he became valedictorian at graduation. Nor was it a surprise to anyone when he received a full scholarship to Harvard University out in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

University would be the first time Jeremiah was ever away from his mother. The road trip to the campus was a great exercise in freedom. The first time he could stop where and when he wanted. The first time he could linger in a city for a pretty girl if he desired.

Once on the campus, he tried to fit in a little better. No longer the boy clutching his mother's apron strings, he studied hard, and partied harder. He became known around campus as the guy to see if you wanted in on a good frat party, and the guy to go to if your grades were slipping so that he could tutor you.

He would still go home at each holiday, and fall into the mama's boy phase again, being smothered and overprotected by Rosa. So each return to school he delved heavier into the partying, less into the studying as he tried to prove to himself that he was free, and he could do what he wanted without his mother influencing him.

In his Junior year, this would all change.

Just before Christmas in 1963, Jeremiah met a girl. Not only did he meet a girl, but he met the girl of his dreams. She was absolutely perfect, in all ways but one. He never saw her around campus during the day. Yet, every night, at every party, there she was. Mitzi.

Jeremiah became totally enamored by the (apparently) young woman. Her long blonde hair, her bright blue eyes, her Swiss accent. Winning her over became his new obsession. When he finally managed to, he was a perfect gentleman about it. Bringing her flowers and chocolates, taking her out dancing all night.

Mitzi had other ideas, though, and on Christmas Eve, she sprung her plan. She seduced the overprotected and innocent boy, glamoured him, and fed from him. Then, gently as possible she asked if he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. To which poor, sheltered Jeremiah agreed. Whereupon there was the draining of his blood, and the forced feeding of her blood to him.

The change took only 48 hours for Jeremiah, and was a completely non-peaceful process considering he was awake for the last eight hours, buried under the earth, panicking. He clawed his way up out of the ground, to find Mitzi there waiting for him. In his panicked state, he grabbed her and began to cry. For that childish move, she kicked him and laid down the law. They were going to a party to feed, and he was going to learn the ways of a vampire quickly.

His mother was sent a letter, saying that he had run off to be with the girl of his dreams, and that she shouldn't try to find him. His dreams of law school were gone, but he would still study on his own time when they weren't out wreaking mischief.

Jeremiah and Mitzi were only together until the late 70's, when she grew bored of him and went on to find her next mark. For the first time, he was really on his own. No family, no friends, no Maker. He knew deep down that if Mitzi ever called him back to her, he would willingly go. But for the time being he knew he could no longer stay in Cambridge, and began to make his way across the country.

For almost thirty years, every night it was a party, and every dawn it was a scramble to find a secure location — usually in a mausoleum or crpyt in an unused cemetery. Then came the Great Revelation. Though he didn't agree that vampires should have made themselves public, he was more than happy to "mainstream" with the synthetic blood, as it meant that he could party without having to try to find a food source.

TruBlood was his salvation, and for the first year after the Revelation, he would come up with alcoholic beverages mixed with TruBlood for those college partiers that wanted to try the synthetic without drinking it straight from the bottle. Several of these drinks are still in use in vampire bars all over the country.

When the American Vampire League was founded, Jeremiah found his calling. He immediately signed up with them and moved to Dallas where their headquarters were being built. He worked as a clerk until he was able to complete a quick-run paralegal course. While they don't have many legal issues to deal with as of yet, he works with a law office to ensure that remains the case.

Character Details

No matter the vampiric nature of Jeremiah now, he's still at heart a mama's boy. He avoids physical confrontation, though if it came to it, he'd use a weapon instead of his fists.

He is a quiet, studious man on the surface. He loves his work, he loves researching legal situations and how the law pertains to vampires, and he loves being able to help a fellow vampire out. He is loyal to his kind, and doesn't mind offering fealty to whoever happens to be in charge, Sheriff and Royalty alike.

The flipside of his quiet nature, is that he's also a partier. He loves to party. Just being around that many different people, enjoying himself? That's a good time to him, and reminds him of how free he actually is.

He has very little interaction with the rest of the supernatural community. He doesn't have strong feelings one way or another on them, rather he just likes to research their mythos and learn all he can so that he can be prepared for interactions with them.

He also has no definitive strong feelings toward the FotS. While his job is to ensure vampiric safety to a degree, lashing out against the Fellowship is hardly the way to do that. So he maintains a curt neutrality toward them, realizing that the fear of his kind is going to exist whether they were out of the coffin or not, and that this particular "church" is a way for people to express this fear in a safe setting.


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