Fullname Jesse Tobias Archer
Birthday October 1, 1983
Species Psychic
Age 22
Height 6'3"
Weight 167 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Occupation Drifter

Claim to Fame

To the average person, Jesse is just another face in the crowd, not much to see here, move along. To those that have known about and hunted 'creatures of the night' since long before the Great Reveal, the Archer name is very well known. The Archer family have been 'hunters' for years.


Character Details

On the outside, Jesse Archer is a likable sort of guy. He's fair and just, he has a kind heart that was always a balancing opposite to his dad's callous approach to hunting 'all things evil', and he's quick with a smile. It's probably only Jesse's firm belief in giving the benefit of the doubt that kept him and his father out of the Fellowship of the Sun when the Vampires first 'came out'. Dad would likely jump readily onto the 'all vampires should burn in the sun' wagon if it wasn't for his more open minded son. While vampires certainly are not Jesse's favored company, he's not quite so eager to exterminate them all based on the actions of a few. After all, his own mother is now a blood sucker. He wouldn't, however, hesitate to light a fire under one that's been proven a danger to mankind.

On the inside, Jesse is a horribly conflicted and tormented soul. He can't help but to wonder where his 'gift' truly comes from. He can't help but to think that it means he's not quite 'human', that maybe he's exactly the same sort of thing he's hunted with his dad all his life.


Name Race Relation Notes
Jerk Shifter Best Friend I would give my life..
Bradley Archer Human Dad (Adoptable) He'll always be Dad, even if he's not my father.
Rachelle Archer Vampire Mother (Adoptable) She doesn't deserve to die, she can't help what she is.
Michael Vampire Potential Threat Guy's older than dirt, but I'll put him in the ground if he hurts anyone.
Allison Werewolf Half-sister Is she messing with my head? Or is she really my sister?
Abbey Werewolf Potential Friend Offered a helping hand. I should keep her at a distance, but will I?
Cinco Werewolf Potential Ally Beta of the Muea Tseena Pack. He has my respect, here's to hoping he isn't forced to kill my Dad.


Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Black Holes And Revelations June 9, 2010 June 9, 2005 Allison is enjoying a party at the lake when she happens across Jesse who fights with Michael. Later Allison and Jesse make a startling discovery.
Facing Demons June 13, 2010 June 13, 2005 Desiree brings Michael with her as she goes back to White Rock Lake to face her demons. There things take a turn for the worse when Jesse misinterprets something important. Abbey watches and tries to forestall disaster.
Round Two? June 14, 2010 June 14, 2005 Desiree runs into Michael and Jesse at the Bass Clef Club. Everything actually goes fairly well while Desiree is there.
Right Don't Mean Easy June 17, 2010 June 17, 2005 Jesse finds his way into the Grisly Bar to give the Pack a heads-up about his rogue father.
El Lobo Negros June 22, 2010 June 22, 2005 Jesse and Cinco tangle with a bunch of gangbangers near the Projects.
WARNING: Very coarse language.
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