Portrayed by BLAKE LIVELY
Fullname Jill Vaughn
Birthday February 19th, 1985
Species Human
Age 20
Height 5'8ish
Weight 115lbs-ish
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Stripper; aspiring designer

Claim to Fame

Jill is more likely to be recognized as "Robyn", a dancer at a Dallas strip club. A few people may recognize her as the daughter of the Vaughns or as her short stint as a fashion model.


Character Details

Jill Vaughn is a lot like the puppy, kitten or toddler who is gifted an elaborate toy and plays with the box and wrapping it came in instead.

Often smiling and laughing, she enjoys the little things in life. The details. She's a free-spirited, creative young woman, definitely a lover, not a fighter, who wears her heart on her sleeve — she's probably best suited to an era passed. There's always something going on in her head, thoughtful and philosophical by nature — it's a habit of hers to collects deep and inspirational quotes that touch her, as well as pieces of art, even if she has to take pictures or print out copies. Her upbringing has left her quite educated and even cultured.

Jill doesn't exactly fit the "stripper" stereotype, whatever that is. She's sweet and charming — but has no idea. She knows she's an attractive girl, but she's humble, at least outside the club, though she's far from having any body issues. She's just naturally modest about everything in general but has learned to turn that aspect of her personality on and off for work, at least in part.

Jill is an artist but a terrible actor, which means, unlike most of the girls, she doesn't really take on any kind of alter ego at work. She's just herself, or a version of herself. She's smart about her job but not jaded, and not wizened by any means. She's kind, and she likes to think the best of people, which can seem more naive than she is. She knows more about how the world works than she lets on.

As for her stance on vampires… she's a pacifist who's squeamish about taking sides, and that blends into her feelings on the fangs among us. he idea of them unnerves her a little and they don't hold any particular intrigue for her, but she's all for vampire rights and equality. That said, she's no activist. Her position on them is just casual.


Name Race Relation Notes
Philip Vaughn Human Father Philip is Jill's father, a real estate mogul with a business sense known around relevant circles in Dallas and maybe even much of Texas. Millionaire. Largely a serious man without a sense of humour, Jill was never especially close with her father and now they are estranged entirely. Spends his time between Dallas and L.A., along with his wife, Jill's mom.
Name Race Relation Notes
Naomi Vaughn Human Mother Jill's mother, editor-in-chief of a fairly popular fashion magazine called Fix. She managed to be both overbearing and non-present when Jill was growing up. Jill's relationship with her mom is not a good one by any stretch. Estranged to the point of practically denouncing Jill from the family and making the call to block her from her family accounts/trustfund.
Name Race Relation Notes
Audrey Hollingsworth ("Nana A") Human Great Aunt "Nana A" is actually Jill's great aunt on her mother's side, but is more of a grandmother figure. Like Jill, she was a black sheep. Jill adores her to pieces, to the point of living with her and working to support her, as she's quite elderly and unwell (Parkinson's). Though ill, she still has her mind and is a colourful and witty old lady.

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