Portrayed by Romulo Pires
Fullname Joaquim "Joao" Santoro Trujillo
Birthday 21, January
Species Shifter
Age 19
Height 6'3 3/4"
Weight Thin
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Occupation Unemployed

Claim to Fame

Joao (as he is known to anyone that would actually notice him) is a nobody, a big ole zero. Raised by his grandparents, they have absolutely no control over him. This is due to his parents being useless and basically feral (an attribute that they definitely passed on to their child), and so he runs wild. He cares about little and has next to no drive to better himself. Hanging out is not only a pastime, but an occupation for this youth.


João is pronounced: \ˌzhwau̇ⁿ-pe-ˈsō-ə\ as in (audio link):

Character Details

The devil may care but Joao doesn't! About much at all really. He likes girls and squirrels, Indian food and doing things that are rude, gliding through the sky and trying to get high, sleeping and sex, and other people's objects. Joao is an opportunistic kleptomaniac that absolutely does not believe in paying full price when you can get a five finger discount.

When it comes to likes, dislikes, and political opinions, you're looking to the wrong guy for answers. His dislikes change daily, as do his likes, and he could give a furry ferret's ass about what goes on above his head. The conversation would go: "Is there still food?" "Yes." "Are there still houses?" "Yes." "Is there still air?" "Well, sort of." "That's good enough for me. I'll sorta breathe, eat, and sleep in my house, you can worry about the rest."

In short, Joao really doesn't care. The world moves on around him, he hangs out with his friends. If they move on and he doesn't, he'll lift a hand to wave them off, but otherwise he'll just keep on keepin' on, because more friends will come, more friends will go, but this young man will always be a constant.


Name Relation Notes
Todd Friend Joao has a sick and a not-so-sick fascination with Todd. Sick because he likes to play with the amnesia, making Todd a big toy. Not-so-sick because he genuinely likes Todd and feels very protective over him. For whatever reason he’s determined to somehow imprint himself on the man’s corrupted memory banks and likely won’t ever stop trying. It’s sort of like the hopeless repetitive action of a child who knows the cookie jar is empty, but he still has to check it every time he passes as if somehow they’ll magically appear.
Steve Sorta-friend and hero Captain Sunshine's fall from grace was Joao and his buddies' favorite moment in recent history. Not because the dude was hurt, but because he fell in such glorious style. If you're going to go down, do it cussing a blue streak! Make the mothers cringe! He's also determined to not only become a part of Steve's life, but wants to be immortalized on TV or DVD by having the actor give him a shout out. Joao is an easy friend to please and free loot is a nice side-effect of knowing him.

Character Gallery


Log OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Clay Date September 11, 2010 September 11, 2010 While supervising another arts n' crafts day at the Hope House, Makea runs into two familiar faces. Todd who is already committed, and Joaquim, who should be.
Break Out!! Part 1 September 13, 2010 September 12, 2005 Joaquim breaks Todd out of imprisonment. To be continued.
Delivery Boy September 13, 2010 September 13, 2005 Joaquim pays Steve a visit to drop off some things he promised.
Dinner Date of Doom September 17, 2010 September 17, 2005 It's a party for Todd, and Makea is happy to act as Hostess! Joaquim makes sure to invite the guest of honor's favorite Hero. Unfortunately, the party ends on a somewhat bitter note.
Brief Flyby September 17, 2010 September 17, 2005 On the eve of a full moon Joaquim runs into Kate for a very brief passing.
Squirrel Trouble September 18, 2010 September 18, 2005 Makea tries to relax on the evening of a full moon when everything goes a bit nuts! She gains a new stray to nurse back to health, though there is something oddly familiar about the little squeaker.


João Atmospheric Music: Songs that evoke the character.

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