Portrayed by Amy Acker
Fullname Jordyn Alice Donovan
Birthday May 2nd, 1981
Species Psychic - Clairvoyant (psychometry)
Age 24
Height 5'3
Weight 105
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation PA at UTD , Grad Student - Ancient Studies

Claim to Fame

She is a Professor's Assistant at UTD in the Ancient Studies Dept. From time to time she teaches some of his undergrad classes to fill in when he is absent.


Born into a large family in 1981 Jordyn was the product of an Irish Catholic, working class family. She was the youngest of seven children and the only girl among them. Things were normal for the small girl until she hit the age of about five. Picking up a small china doll that had belonged to her great-grandmother she saw the woman very clearly as the then girl played with the beloved doll. Mentioning it to her parents got her scolded but her grandmother knew the truth. The girl had inherited her gift of Clairvoyance, more precisely clairvoyance through touch, or psychokinesis. It had passed through the family through the women since before documentation of the family heritage was written.
Special attention was given to the girl after that, trying to keep her from touching things that were dangerous to her. Her grandmother tried to teach her how to block it out but she wasn't always successful.

It would seem that she had very little control over the powers that Fate or whatever had given her. Being a good Irish Catholic these gifts were feared when she heard the sermons from the Priest. Despite her grandmother's assurance that they were not evil but given by God and that other just didn't understand she wasn't so sure.
It wasn't until her teen years that she really got a shock out of her gifts. The boy she was dating, behind her parent's back, had given her a bracelet. She was crazy about him. But she only saw him after dark, when he would come to her window and help her out to sneak around with him. She assumed it was because of her big brothers. Most boys were intimidated by the six burly Donovan boys which limited her dating. Of course at fourteen she wasn't supposed to be dating either. But when she touched the bracelet she saw it, the images, the death, the blood, her sweet boy draining some older woman. It was her first introduction to vampiric society, inadvertently dating one!
Needless to say she dumped him shortly after and took to eating lots of garlic in her food and keeping her crucifix close by her bed. She didn't know much about them at the time. The big reveal had not happened yet, so she had to rely on the information from the movies and books. But it was the first time her gift had given her the ugly images of such a graphic nature, her gift was getting more pronounced. It was as if she could feel the pain and smell the blood.

She never encountered another like him and he seemed to disappear. She never spoke of it to anyone for fear that someone would think she was crazy.
In school she was an excellent student, excelling in all her studies but History was her true love. History and music. She had played flute all through middle and high school and it was a calming thing to her. However when it came time to go to college she was more interested in the possibility of an academic scholarship than a music scholarship. The full ride offered at the University of Texas in Dallas was too good to pass up.
Four years of college under her belt she graduated with a Bachelor's in Ancient History, her access to artifacts giving her a bit more incentive and insight into the times and lives of those that lived then. It wasn't always pleasant but it was always eye opening. She never shared this gift with anyone outside her family. Taking out student loans she stayed to earn her Masters Degree, becoming a PA (Professor's Assistant) and even occasionally having to sit in and teach a class. It was great. Until about two years ago when the Great Revelation took place. Now those ..things.. that she had encountered were everywhere, legal citizens. It wasn't that she was prejudiced but that first introduction to what they were and what they were capable of still sat in her memory, terrifying her. Never knowing if the cute boy in the college bar was human or not she tended to not date at all. Or go anywhere alone at night for more than just the regular campus rapist reasons.

Character Details

Jordyn is a friendly, sweet kind of gal. She can be outgoing with those that she knows well but among strangers she is kind of shy. She likes the simple things; a good greasy burger, a big hand dipped milkshake, a beautiful sunny day at the lake or beach, a cute guy to oogle, dancing, music. All sorts of normal things. But she also enjoys her work, loves the thrill of learning about ancient cultures and the lives of people in those times. Because of this she sees her gift as both a blessing and a curse, never knowing when it will kick in. She keeps it a total secret, having told no one about it.%R%TShe never admits to her fear the newly citizenized vampires out loud but she still fears them, thinking the fang bangers are crazy. She can be socially awkward around strangers, even appearing painfully shy at times. In a world of blatant sexuality she is something of an innocent. It's more due to the disturbing early relationship than a sense of prudery that causes this. She longs for that sweeping, all consuming, wildly romantic sort of relationship but when you're a mouse in a world of lovely swans it just doesn't seem likely.%R%TDespite her fears she is still the kind of person that is genuinely kind, quick to help a person in need. It's just something that is hard wired into her. If ever there was a girl-next-door, Jordyn is that girl.


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Family Info

Jordyn comes from a huge Irish Catholic family. Her grandmother lived with them as she was growing up and acted as her mentor, understanding her gift since she had it as well. She is still very close to her family and loves them more than life itself, willing to do anything for them.Below is a list of her immediate family members as well as her grandmother:
Grandmother - Alice Bridget Donovan
Father - Sean Donovan
Mother - Anna Donovan
Brothers in order of birth, all older:
Sean Patrick Donovan (38)
Shane Donovan (36)
Murphy Donovan (34)
Connor Donovan (34)
Riley Donovan(30)
Jacob Donovan (30)

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