Kara Harris
Fullname Kara Harris
Birthday May 10th
Species Psychic
Age 21
Height 5'0"
Weight 100 lbs.
Eyes Hazel
Hair Ever changing
Occupation Troublemaker

Claim to Fame

I made headlines in neither paper nor television. Those who recognize me may recall that one time where they were nearly knocked aside by a youthful skater, or how some obviously troubled teen nearly killed herself doing nothing important. That is the life that I leads. Just as is the way with my hair color, life is ever changing.


Clifton, Idaho is far from the ideal place to grow up, especially for anyone remotely like me. Population two hundred something, dude, and I’m not kidding. I guess my parents moved there for some reason or another, but before they met each other. They always said it felt like some greater force was responsible for their attraction. I personally think that they’re hippies who believe that the sun and the stars have more power over creation.

I think I hated Clifton since the day that I was born. Ever since I can remember I was always being told ‘Stop!’, ‘No, don’t do that!’, and ‘That’s not edible!’ When I was three I guess I decided that life was too boring and threw myself down the stairs. My mother actually has a tape of it somewhere. I didn’t fall, I literally ran and tried to treat it like a down-hill slip-n-slide. Five stitches in the chin and a broken arm later and I figured out that I needed to change my course of attack.

Did I give up trying to pointlessly throw myself off of the stairs? Heck no. I just got smarter about it. By the time I was five I was jumping down the whole set. Mom always said that I was going to break a leg but I really never did. I guess I should have invested time in being a gymnast or something, but I always found that to be incredibly lame. Who needs to wear pointless bodysuits anyway?

Basically that was my childhood. I kept finding things to do to pass the time. TV wasn’t all that exciting when I could go roller skating or bike riding. Then again, that wasn’t always fun, either. Sometimes I would have to spice things up a little. Nearly run into people, make jumps when I shouldn’t, things like that. To be honest? I was very bad at it. Very bad. But after you fall on your butt so many times you learn to not do it anymore. That’s exactly what I did and how I got to be where I am now.


My young, rebellious stage didn’t end by the time I got to high school. I wasn’t the only person who acted out, but I was the loudest. Not just vocally, either. I would wear neon colors when I could, often times with band tee shirts and ripped jeans. What really drove my parents insane was when I realized that I could die my hair. See, I’m actually a natural blond, even though it’s not bleach blond. Using packets of Kool-Aid was awesome because it showed up really well and let me play with colors I never thought of before. Then as I got bolder I used actual hair dye. It’s like an addiction but it isn’t hurting anyone. Only at first, well, there was a slight learning curve. I might have given myself a few streaks. That’s how I earned my nickname.

As my appearance grow bolder so did my attitude. Jumping down stairs was lame. Jumping off a small roof, however, was totally awesome. I realized that if I tried really hard, I could land without actually hurting myself. It was almost like I was free falling yet safely. Like I could get a safe landing every time. That totally fed into my addiction. I pressed my luck and did all sorts of stupid yet totally fun things.

It was while jumping off of a bridge one night that I discovered something even better. Thankfully no one saw me, but I actually landed /on/ the water. I still got wet, of course, but I found out that if I thought about it I could walk on the water. It was like I was floating or something. So what does a girl like me do with that sort of information?

Try to fly.

I can’t fly.


Trial, error and several hospital visits later, I realized that there are some major limitations to just how much I can ‘float’. That’s okay, though, because it still comes in handy and lets me do some really fun things. By this point I was getting ready to graduate and Mom and Dad were literally going insane. They didn’t know what to do with me or the mounting medical bills. I didn’t exactly get the best grades in school and didn’t care about college, and that upset them. Oh, well.

Apparently a year of a no-good, lazy yet insane daughter is about as much as they could take. They wanted me to settle down, in several ways, and just get on with life. Yeah, no. That wasn’t happening. So I might have run away. And that might have lasted all of a day because I got so bored that I immediately tried to steal a cop car. Cops don’t take too well to that, really. That was the parents decided that I couldn’t stay in Clifton. So as soon as a job transfer was available, Dad jumped on it.

And that’s how I ended up in Dallas! This is way better than Idaho, any day. There are people, and big buildings, and big everything, and tumbleweed! So okay, I /might/ still live with my parents. I /might/ be on an allowance. But hey, I’m not working, and that’s something. Oh! And I saw this flyer for Pro-Wrestling School! I’m totally going to check it out.

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