Portrayed by Morena Baccarin
Fullname Kira Lee
Birthday December 2nd, 1976
Species Werewolf
Age 28
Height 5'7"
Weight A lady never tells
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Resident at Medical City

Claim to Fame


Born in Austin Texas, Kira lived a rather uneventful life growing up. She grew up in a solidly Roman Catholic household, run by her mother, Ana. While her father, Theodore, was what he called 'sensible agnostic', Ana would hear nothing of letting her children be raised in anything other than the Church. Her parents were a strange couple. That wasn't to say they didn't love each other incredibly, but they both had very different viewpoints on life. If their family were the brain, Ana was the right brain of the family, while Theodore was the left.

The middle child of five, Kira always felt like she needed to be better, faster, smarter than her brothers and sisters in order to get attention for herself. A good student in school, she always was the teacher's pet who turned in assignments on time and did them early. The influence of both her mother and her father clearly warred with her attentions. Normally, she was a 'rational' child who believed solidly in sciences and math - everything was quantifiable and needed to be observed in order to exist. However, there was still a part of her that believed in God, went to church with her mother and truly believed that when she prayed someone heard her. Maybe it wasn't God, but one of his Angels, or someone in Heaven. Sometimes she would attempt to scientifically prove the existence of God. But, after awhile, she just allowed Him to be there.

Though interested in most of the sciences in high school, it wasn't until she volunteered to be a candy striper at one of the local hospital that she found her true calling. After seeing doctors at work saving people's lives, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with the rest of hers. Wanting to stay close to her family, she applied and was accepted to University of Texas - Austin. Though it was expensive for her family, even with a scholarship, they fully supported her decision and was proud of what she wanted to accomplish with her life. While working to help put herself through school, she lived at home and went to classes. Not one to completely let the college experience pass her by, however, she somehow managed to find time to partake in a few extracurriculars. She played on an intramural volleyball league, co-ed. Most of her friends at school came from that league.

After graduating with good grades and good MCAT scores, she applied to medical schools that she could afford. Not able to go to places like Harvard or Yale, she focused on those that were attainable. Where she ended up was SUNY Buffalo. Med school passed by in a whirl of tests and studies and before she knew it, she was trying to find a place to intern. She didn't like the North with all it's snow and weather, so she opted to head back down to the South. What she found was Medical City Hospital in Dallas. It was close enough to her family that she felt comfortable enough to settle and it was also a good hospital to learn from. Accepted as an intern in the ER, she went right on through to her residency. If comparing her to a character on Scrubs, she'd probably be the doctor version of Carla.

Her second year in Dallas, she was on her way home late at night after a long day at the ER. She was exhausted and on her way home she thought she was being followed. Taking no chances, she ran, There was a snarling and the next thing she remembers is waking up in her own ER, two days later, being taken care of by her colleagues. While her attack was relatively minor - one of the bites on her leg had become infected. None of the antibiotics they attempted worked against it. She put up an amazing fight, however, and soon her own natural immune system kicked in. While they were never afraid they were going to lose her, they did worry about the after affects of such a rampant infection.

One of her Attendings knew exactly what she was going through, however. Adam recognized the affects of a werewolf bite as he'd seen it before. He was, after all, a werewolf himself. Knowing Kira, he took it upon himself to take her aside once she had mostly healed up and attempted to explain what had happened to her and what that meant for her future. At first, she didn't believe him. Then, when she did, she was devastated. She thought herself a monster, an abomination. Finally, she learned to accept who she was. It helped that Adam, once he was sure of what kind of Werewolf she would turn out to be, vouched for her with his pack - the Muea Tseena. The Pack, small as it is, had few doctors. She was a doctor and a woman who already upheld the morals in accordance with The People, he felt they could help her with who she'd become. And she could help them rebuild. A year later, she passed her Warrior's Test, she became a full fledged member of the pack. She still doesn't know who bit her, but she is starting to find clues.

Character Details

Kira takes her hippocratic oath very seriously. She doesn't want to do harm upon others and no matter who is brought to her in the ER, she will treat them. Depending on who it is she won't like it, but she will do it.

Normally she is a very organized person. She likes to know where things are and that when she goes back to them, they'll still be there. Though she wouldn't exactly qualify herself as a religious person, she does believe in God and will go to Church. The Church's teachings were a big part of how she grew up and she still believes in them.

Sometimes, Kira still has some getting used to about her werewolf nature and doesn't really know how to handle herself or her beast. It's a bit of a struggle that she's learning to cope with through her friends and her pack. Not a whiner, however, she's approaching being a werewolf much like everything else in her life - at full force and attempting to know as much as she can about it. She's not sure how she feels about vampires, as long as they don't hurt other people and keep to their synthetic blood. They give her the creeps, though.


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