Portrayed by ACTOR
Fullname Lane Teresa Cruz
Birthday August 1
Species Shifter
Age 23
Height 5'4
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Waitress and cashier

Claim to Fame


Lane was born in Wichita Falls, shifter child of two shifter parents. Of course, shifters can be lousy parents like anybody else, and after a few years, when her mother left, her father upped and moved her to /his/ hometown, Terlingua. Julian was blue-collar, used to drive a truck before he met Lane's mother, and after drifting between a few different jobs settled on being a trashman. When Lane was eight, he married again — Joanne, a woman a few years younger than he who worked as a secretary.

Lane didn't much like her stepmother at first, but Joanne wheedled the girl into it with pretty clothes and jewelry — Lane even then looked at clothes of all kinds like dress-up.

Lane was always a troublesome child. She didn't /mean/ to be bad, but she was certainly a handful — enthusiastic mudbaths, frequent and vigorous decisions to live in a tree in the yard, or on the room, or in a tent. When she was eight, definitely a little too old for things, she decided that she was going to be a bear when she grew up, and spent a good few months stalking her new stepmother. Of course, as a shifter, she did have a chance of at least /playing/ at being a bear. Her first shift occurred when she was twelve, brought on by the deadly combo of puberty, dawning realization that when the other girls looked at boys she was looking at girls and wanting to pet their hair, and most specifically the news that she was going to get a baby brother. Declaring that she was going to go live on her /own/ and that she /hated them forever/, Lane stormed out of their tiny house, frustration and fury and helplessness boiling over. She nearly tripped over a trap her father had set by the rickety back porch, yelped when she got hissed at by the possum inside — and a few moments later found herself shrinking, bones and muscles warping, as her body twisted itself to be like the frightened, defiant marsupial.

Lane's father figured out pretty quickly what was going on, thank goodness — the virtues of having a shifter parent — and turning into things became both an escape and a means of getting Julian riled up — any attention was better than no attention, and when the new baby arrived, Lane freaked out about the possibility of /having/ no attention.

She remained a troublemaker in school, in high school earned a terrible name for herself when she got caught with another girl in the gym bathrooms, and finally— finally— escaped to college.

Lane, restless, was a dabbler — she tried majoring in Econ, English, Anth, Women's Studies… Although she was smart enough, sticking with things was difficult for her and still is — and she eventually scraped by with a major in English and a 2.9 GPA.

Lane is a girl who has few close friends and many, many acquaintances. One of those friends she met in college: Rosemary, initially supercrush and then girlfriend and then, when it turned out Rosemary was /not as gay as she'd thought/, somehow they managed to make it into a friendship, and a strong one. Nevertheless, while Lane managed to cling to school — if only because she didn't know what she'd do on her own — Rosemary, rather braver, dropped out. The two lost touch for a time, but once she graduated, well, Lane sure as /hell/ wasn't going back home. Solution? Find out where Rosemary had landed and if she wanted a roomie.

Character Details

Lane is bright, bouncy, cheerful, impulsive. When she laughs, which is frequent, it's much larger than her narrow frame would suggest. She's a little nervous about forming /close/ ties with people, but she's drawn to them all the same. She's that girl who has about a million contacts in her phone but wouldn't know who to call if she ended up in the hospital. She /adores/ terrible romances — movies and books — and she's usually crushing on /someone/, although that's apt to change on a dime. Vampires? They make her tremendously nervous — and a little jealous, too, that they can be strong and powerful and /out there/. Of course, she knows that there are plenty of people out to get vampires — Fellowship gives her the heebie-jeebies — and to be honest, /vampires/ give her the gibblies a bit, too. As for her own powers, Lane, tellingly, tends to shift to things that aren't the prettiest. Vermin. She's a possum, a mangy stray, a skinny cat, a coyote, a chicken. She feels an affinity with things that other people think are kinda grody, and she'll defend them fiercely. She's a bleeding-heart, speaking of defending — she /knows/ she shouldn't give money to the homeless dude on the street who smells like whisky, but maybe he really does want food!


Name Race Relation Notes
Rosemary Shifter BFF Lane and Rosemary dated for a little while in college, and although Lane still has kind of a thing for Rosemary, they've successfully shifted over into friends.

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Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
IHOP May 22, 2005 May 21, 2010 Delicious pancakes and bacon (mostly eaten by Rosemary) and also leftover churros! That is what Lane remembers of this meeting.

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