Leigh Rossum
Portrayed by LAUREN COHEN
Fullname Leighton Ayla Rossum
Birthday December 25, 1979
Species Werewolf
Age 25
Height 5'9"
Weight 125 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Brunette
Occupation Police Officer

Claim to Fame

Transferred to the DPD after graduating from the Illinois State Police Academy. She's been noted for being an exemplary officer.

Character Details

Leigh was raised by a single mother, and a somewhat-there-but-still-absent father. She found out she was Were at the age of twelve, suffered a rebellious streak, turned herself around and became a cop. She transferred to the Dallas Police Department to forge out on her own, and prove to her pack she can handle responsibility.


Name Race Relation Notes
Sean Werewolf Acquaintance Met at Fitness World. Leigh feels like she should look out for him.
Eli Donato Werewolf MTP Pack Alpha Though she's not part of his pack, she works with Eli to keep the werewolf incidents on the down-low.
Max Werewolf Work Partner New to the Dallas Precinct, he's been partnered with Leigh.
Brett Shifter Acquiantance Met him several times, is Corey's brother.
Corey Shifter Friend Currently friends, though Leigh is extremely interested in him.
Abbey Werewolf Acquiantance They share a love of bikes and cars.

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