Lillian Haul
Portrayed by Erin McKinnon
Fullname Lillian Synoran Haul
Birthday October 31
Species Witch
Age 23
Height 5'7"
Weight 121 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Black
Occupation Shop Owner/Consultant

Claim to Fame

Lillian runs the New Age store "The Ogham", selling all sorts of books and paintings, trinkets and baubles, candles and herbs. To those in the "know", however, she is also a Professional Occult Consultant.


Little is known of Lillian Haul, and the witch certainly does not volunteer. She does speak with a melodic accent, presumably Welsh, perhaps hinting at her origins. She has clearly traveled far and wide, and her name is known even to the witch covens of Massachusetts. It is thought that her witchcraft is hereditary, descended from druidic blood of ancient Albion. Whatever the case may be, Lillian seems well-acclimatized to life in Dallas.

Character Details

Alternately professional and flirty, but always amiable, Lillian is every bit the social chameleon. She is professional when dealing with clients in need of her occult services, but flirty when she is out clubbing. She is amiable because, well, it's just good for business. It doesn't pay to be snarky and rude towards one's potential customers, now does it?

Ultimately, Lillian is out for number one. She is genuinely tired of politics; she would gladly play mercenary for the loot and leave politics to the foolish. While she is not actively malicious, Lillian is quite willing to bend her morals if a substantial cash reward is dangling in front of her. Her apparent selfishness is in fact due to her deep-rooted distrust of others - she has a tendency to see the worst in people. As such, Lillian tends to be a fair-weather friend; loyalty and charity are not traits attached to the witch.


Name Race Relation Notes
Ivan Witch Stranger/Mayor's peon Could make for a good business contact. He just needs a healthy dose of aphrodisiac to forget his obvious girl troubles.
Michael Vampire Potential Business Associate Mr. Isonzo is evidently some sort of big shot vampire business tycoon. I smell money in the air!
Mischa Shifter Customer/Shy librarian I keep running into him in all the weirdest places. Cute because he's shy, which makes him such a fun target to tease.
Josephine Psychic Elegant woman in the cafe Wow, what just happened?
Cooper Psychic Pretty blonde in the cafe She seems like a fun-loving sort.
Orion Shifter Werebadger Who goes skinnydipping at night in a pond in the park, and end up with roadkill in his mouth? This handsome chap, that's who.
Jamal Witch Stranger What?
Chloe Psychic Big-Spender customer Fine-looking girl, deep pockets. She seems quite clueless when it comes to relationships; she can use my expert advice!

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Put It On The Tab January 11, 2010 January 11, 2005 Ivan unwinds at a local club, only to meet an observant Lillian.
Let the Buyer Beware January 17, 2010 January 17, 2005 Shawn happens by the Ogham, and owner Lillian pushes some unique merchandise on him.
TP: Parade January 22, 2010 January 22, 2005 It's a celebration for vampiric/human relations, and living in peace! Spoiler: Something goes horribly wrong! (Participants: Will, Michael, Lillian, Chloe, Nolcha, Aislin, and Rose)
Dragon's Blood and Familiars February 9, 2010 February 9, 2005 Mischa stops into The Ogham on his way home from work and has an interesting conversation with the proprietor, Lillian.
The Inconspicuous Dog-Man February 11, 2005 February 11, 2010 Abbey, Jamal, and Lillian happen upon Orion in the park right after he has shifted back into a human. Unfortunately he is still coming down from his shift and comes across as quite insane. Mischa shows up later and sets Orion off again.
Trio of Doom February 12, 2010 February 12, 2005 Josephine and Cooper discuss their powers over coffee; Lillian and Mischa enter a bit later and things get interesting.
Fool for Love February 12, 2010 February 12, 2005 Chloe stops in at the Ogham on a whim, and winds up with more than she bargained for, thanks to the proprietress.

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