Portrayed by ED WESTWICK
Fullname Logan Timothy Danvers
Species Witch
Age 22
Faction Coven

Claim to Fame

Logan is quite the wealthy man, coming from an Oil Tycoon family. He has been featured in such magazines as those that discuss the oil family wealth, merely mentioned as one of the famous tycoons children.

Background Overview

  • Grew up in a wealthy oil tycoon family
  • Was born with a natural magic talent - not genetic, something new in his family
  • Primary talent is illusion
  • Mother is a huge member of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution)
  • Father is an oil tycoon
  • Hates vampires for some reason (up to the applicant)

Personality Overview

  • Flirty and flighty
  • Uses his illusion magic to mask his exploits
  • Friendly to all but vampires
  • Hates vampires
  • Likes to play the chameleon (i.e. uses the illusion magic to 'change' his identity).

Character Details

Logan is naturally quite the flirty and flighty kind of person. Being so naturally inclined in flirting it's only natural for Logan to expand his typical circle of prospect to nearly anyone on two legs! Well unless you're one of those fanged freaks. Then you just might get the scorn of a vengeful witch! He also is quite undependable as he's never really been forced to do anything he really doesn't like. The benefit of having a daddy that lets him be the spoiled child anyone would be jealous of would tend to do that to a kid.

He is aware of other supernatural beings even without the family background to support his claims. He watches enough television and studies enough about the supernatural to believe in very odd things. He is nice to everyone he meets besides vampires; I mean come on, one of his friends Kate should be proof of that. She's a shifter!

Logan also can be described as the community chameleon with his preference to use his illusion magic to change his identity and the play with people's emotions. Anyways, it's a good way to pick-up people. Rearrange a few flaws and let's get to charm the hell out of those mundane people around here!


Name Race Relation Notes
Abbey Human? Acquaintance Met at the local sushi bar… she seems nice enough…
Kate Shifter Close Friend I've known her like… FOREVER! We bumped into each other at the local sushi bar.
Todd Human Acquaintance Met outside a local bar. I think he might be crazy… he does live at Hope House…

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