London Grace
Portrayed By Autumn Reeser
Fullname London Grace Townsend
Birthday Jan 22nd
Species Werewolf
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Auburn
Occupation Student/Were Beta

Claim to Fame

Most of the things students hear about her are negative. Yet, if you asked any of her superiors, you'd get a list of accomplishments. Wonder why that is? To most, she's an obsessive, preppy young lady with two faces and a tendency to look down upon most others. At the same time, she seems intelligent enough - enough to act her way to the good-sides of most of her professors in high school AND University. She lives in a flashy apartment paid for by her grandparents, whose money she practically lives off of. No one's ever seen her around her parents, though. The girl lives an awfully lonely life.

Now, for wereolves, it's a different story. She's known in Dallas because of her respected family, whose involvement in the werewolf pack dates back to when the group was first formed. Over the years, they gained recognition for primarily their speed, but also their fierce and undying loyalty. London is the pack's female beta and has taken it upon herself to keep the wolves fed and comfortable, like a den mother.


London spent the first half of her life in La Jolla, California, a very wealthy community situated along the beach. She had no siblings, though her parents were both well-off, and had more than enough money and resources to entertain their child with gifts. Gifts, but not attention. Her father had an excellent job carrying on the family business at the headquarters of a world-wide wine company. London attended a prestigious prep school called The Bishop's School, established with the intention that the students attending would later go one to apply into the Ivy League. In the year 2000, they moved from La Jolla to Dallas, following an HQ movement with Mister Townsend's company.

As a child, she did well in the musical arts. Her mother enrolled her in violin and piano lessons - both skills she'd take with her throughout most of her life, honing and perfecting her music. Additionally, she was especially adept at learning new languages. She picked up on French, Spanish, and Latin very quickly.

After her father's death in the 5th grade, London lost the only thing that kept her family together. Her mother was only interested in the cash, and quickly cast London aside, even though she'd developed a severe case of Conversion Syndrome. She spent many weekends at her grandparent's house while her mother was out looking for another potential boyfriend. It was during this time that London began showing signs of neurosis; anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. To make things worse, on the full moon a month after her 15th birthday, London had her First Change. It opened an entirely new world to her, where her grandparents were the only ones who could explain what had happened. The gene had skipped her father.

In high school, the effects of London's mother's emotionally cold way of treating her began surfacing. She would power-grab in an attempt to rise to success just to impress her mother, but her efforts were never rewarded to London's satisfaction. Eventually she tried sports as well, and found that she had a passion for tennis. She lacked friends and was hated by virtually everyone in her grade, and yet, she was a socialite.

Her academic prowess in class managed to have an impact on her teachers and she received excellent grades that brought her in to Oxford University England. Her ability to shift into a wolf created more conflict in her life as she desperately tried to learn more about that feral side of hers. By the time she turned 18, her weekends were spent running around as a wolf instead of partying. Not that she was invited to any.

After four years in Oxford, London's Grandmother passed away in her cozy home in Dallas, Texas. Naturally, London needed to attend the funeral. Her grandfather fell ill soon afterwards, and for a year London Grace dedicated herself to making his last few months comfortable. He joined his wife and son in early 2004.

London wanted to return to Oxford and finish her fifth year, but she clung on to the familiarity of the apartment that her grandparents had lived in. The amount of inheritance from her grandparents was substantial, allowing her to live comfortably without needing to work much, though a big chunk was spent on paying for her tuition at her new University inside the city.

This gave London the opportunity to get to know the local werewolves and acquaint herself with them. Her family apparently left a history of successful, powerful wolves behind which the current pack members recognized. She found a cozy position in the group, despite her strange personality and difficult attitude.

Character Details

Neurotic, obsessive, yet cultured, and maybe just a little bit creepy. Despite being something of a socialite, London is highly looked down upon by her classmates. She is condescending, especially towards other shifters (non-weres), from time to time because of her multitude of insecurities. Her mother's neglectful method of parenting bred the attention-craving behaviour that she tends to exhibit that is borderline histrionic.

She acts perky and chipper and her actions demonstrate her dire need for the spotlight to be on her, even if she needs to be a complete bitch to do so. On some level, she likes even the negative attention. She pretends to act cold to those who show an interest in her, but once they've withstood her snobby attitude for an extended period of time, she clings desperately. She doesn't have much of an opinion about vampires and instead prefers to judge them individually and not as a group.

Nevertheless, London does have some good qualities. She is a very effective worker, a strong leader, and relentlessly loyal. Her organizational skills, though annoying, prove to be useful on a daily basis. She is far from realistic when it comes to romance, love, and relationships, but has a good head on her shoulders regardless. London is very conscious of her health and well-being; she goes to great measures to make sure that she's in good physical shape, and was a vegetarian before she realized that no meat + werewolfism simply doesn't work.


Name Race Relation Notes
Detestable Twat Vampire >:( London's more of an insufferable bitch to Sipho than she is anyone else. Only once did she see Sipho influence Wit negatively, and she instantly began resenting him. For a while, she thought he'd taken her purse after she forgot it at the Bean Scene. Turns out he just put it in the lost and found.
Rose Human :D London tolerates Rose more than she does others. She has a distinct sympathy for insanity, and feels extremely protective towards Rose, like she's obligated to help her through difficult times despite having just met her. They share a mutual liking of balloons and hatred of 'coffee showers'.
Wit Human The Project Eliza Dolittle. Wit is London's self-appointed project, and she's determined to spiff the boy up a bit and turn him into a gentleman. She doesn't approve of his lifestyle, and she finds him so annoying that she even once threatened to shove a carrot up his ass. Despite their clashing personalities, she does like him a lot - the project is her way of keeping him close. Wit has once accused London of not being human, though had no proof to back up his theory. The werewolf masq keeps her from telling him anything.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Slow Burn December 26, 2009 December 26, 2004 Wit and London Grace meet at a convenience store and talk about life expectancies.
Pygmalion December 27, 2009 December 27, 2009 London Grace takes it upon herself to teach Wit to be a proper gentleman.
Strangers in the Night December 30, 2009 December 30, 2004 In the wee hours, Wit meets both a very familiar wolf and a not so familiar vampire.


Title Theme Lyrics
Help I'm Alive - Metric General "Help I'm alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer. Hard to be soft, tough to be tender."
First Train Home - Imogen Heap General "Bodies disengaged, our mouths are fleshing over. It's just an echo game, irises retreating to ovals of white. The urge to feel your face and blood rushing to paint my handprint."
Changes - Butterfly Boucher General "Time may change me, but I can't change time."
I Don't Care - Apocalyptica London/Mother "I try to make it through my life. In my way, there's you. If you are dead or still alive, I don't care."
Monster - Lady Gaga Wit/London "That boy is a monster. He ate my heart, he ate my heart."

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