Portrayed by HELMUT BERGER
Fullname Lucien Lysandros Greaves
Birthday October 17
Species Witch
Age 28
Height 6'2"
Weight fit
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond (dyed Bright Red)
Occupation Artisan, Ne'er-Do-Well

Claim to Fame

Luce is known for his craftsmanship amongst Pagan circles and is often seen at gatherings supplying his wares. Many people involved in Pagan groups will at least have heard of him, if not met him directly.


Luce's mother named him poetically, chiefly because she liked the sound of the names. At the time, she was the kind of Witch that has become something of a stereotype: very gentle, very aware of the planet, and generally a doormat despite her amazing abilities. Because of this, his early homelife was problematic at best: his parents often fought as his mother gradually became less and less willing to be walked over. At age 12, she left and took Luce with her, to Texas, and they never looked back.

Soon after, his mother decided not only to teach Luce about magic, but she also shared with him valuable knowledge of crafts. The boy naturally had a talent for both, although his magical abilities only developed in his later teens. Nonetheless, by that time he had honed his skill of handcrafts and the like to such a degree that he already had developed a base of customers among the local Pagan population. Although satisfied to have a place in the often-tumultuous world, he also was a teenager, and at that time he felt he had to sow his wild oats.

For some of the time he worked with his mother, learning the handiwork that he developed and perfected to actually make a living from. With all of the gatherings in the area, there was never any shortage of opportunity, and with his youthful exuberance and energy, there was never any shortage of motivation for him. At these gatherings, he approached other craftspeople, other creators and suppliers, and he observed…learned…and bettered himself.

When the time came, his mother shared with him the only thing of value — true value — that she had been able to take with them, when they left his father: the family grimoire. Passed down for generations, this ancient tome was packed with papers that typically didn't even fit into it, some differently-sized, some a different type than the others, but all golden. The secrets that Dorothea, his mother, had learned from her parents, both Witches, were given to Luce to keep. It was a great responsibility, especially as they had no membership in a local coven of any actual Witches with which to share it. At first he was reluctant to believe some of the things he heard, but he knew his mother would not steer him wrong.

Soon after, the Great Reveal occurred. Luce wasn't all that affected by it, since he had recently gone through the process of learning to deal with the reality of other supernatural beings really existing. The name amused him though; as far as he was concerned, the 'Great Reveal' was the one of his shirt's plunging neckline. At the very least, he thought, it would open up the door for some new and exciting experiences for him, which was never a bad thing as far as he was concerned. He could at least have more dating options through being open-minded, and that appealed to him quite a bit. Most of the types who railed against the vamps were exactly the types who had always done so with his own people, so his loyalties and his ideals didn't shift much with the news.

Though rarely conflicting with his mother, Luce increasingly leaned towards demonology and the study of 'dark' magics. This mainly meant that he dressed slightly like a gothic gigolo and wore a lot of inverted pentacles, and his abilities tended to focus on fire and fire affinities rather than much else. Fortunately he matured a bit and grew somewhat out of this phase and, although he still does dress as a gothic gigolo and comports himself somewhat in that manner, he has honed his abilities to a broader range of elemental affinity. Through it all, his mother has patiently taught him everything she knows, and some things that she had never used, due to her self-imposed limitation on some of her own powers. Luce never had such reservations, and the Great Reveal only served to bolster his confidence in his studies.

At the same time, it occasionally nagged at him that he might be regarded as just another regular person with a trick or two, and that motivated him to plunge even further into studies, trying to find other sources around the metro area from which he may learn. Although Luce often appears flippant and casual, beneath that facade of devil-may-care joviality lies a deadly serious Witch…or as he sometimes calls himself, 'a dandy warlock', which really sums up his at-times irreverent attitude, knowingly using a term that signifies wickedness and dishonesty. It's all part of his plan to be underestimated…and then to really show what he can do.

Character Details

Luce is a hedonist. First and foremost. He loves the thrill of experience, especially new experience, and he enjoys doing the things that make him happy. He likes to try new things, and he likes taking care of himself…but nothing to excess, really; that would just make it all boring. Even his body isn't drastically, ridiculously built beyond his means to maintain. He likes everything pretty much like that, and sometimes he might go out of his way or even take unnecessary risks to experience something new.

He isn't always like this, though. He still has ethics. His mother brought him up vegetarian, and he found he more or less could espouse that when he came of age. He doesn't sacrifice animals or anything, and it's more likely that someone who proposes that will get an earful of correction from Luce. He may give the impression quite often that he's a dilettante or doesn't take things seriously, but he knows his specialties and he isn't afraid to assert his knowledge when someone is obviously in the wrong and might promote misconception.

He's casual most of the time, though. Why take it seriously? Vampires, humans, who cares? He likes laughing, he likes enjoying good food and drink, and he likes sex. And two out of three isn't bad at all, as far as he's concerned.

Sometimes he can seem harsh with his judgement of others, but his father and other experiences in his life have somewhat tinted his willingness to be around certain people. The overtly abusive will find themselves an enemy in Luce, although he has been known to forget grudges just as easily. Like the fire he has such a great affinity towards, he is quick to burn in temper, but he's also quick enough to simmer down. Sometimes all he needs to do is spout off and let off a bit of steam.

Beneath it all, he is a deeply dedicated student of magic and of the heritage of all Witches. However, on the surface and especially around non-Witches, he will usually tend to give the impression of a flippant, jovial sort. It's true that he fails to see the gravity in plenty of situations, especially ones that have no direct bearing on him or on Witches in general. Yet when magical knowledge and occult information are involved, he will almost always desperately desire for it. It's hard to say how much of the personality presented to others is genuine, and how much is a carefully-calculated mask with which he tries to fool others into underestimating him. Perhaps only Luce himself really knows; it seems to mix and mingle most of the time.


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Title Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Kate Bush - 'Feel It' Life Well it could be love, Or it could be just lust, But it will be fun. It will be wonderful.
Velvet Underground - 'New Age' Family It's the beginning of a new age!
Kate Bush - 'Strange Phenomena' Magic We raise our hats to the strange phenomena. Soul-birds of a feather flock together.
Olivia Newton-John - 'Magic' Magic Have to believe we are magic, nothing can stand in our way!
Kate Bush - 'L'Amour Looks Something Like You' Love, Life, Everything I'm hanging on the Old Goose Moon, You look like an angel, Sleeping it off at a station. Were you only passing through? I'm dying for you just to touch me, And feel all the energy rushing right up-a-me. L'amour looks something like you.
Heart - 'Magic Man' Magic A pretty man came to me, I never seen eyes so blue. You know, I could not run away it seemed, We'd seen each other in a dream. Seemed like he knew me….he looked right through me….yeah
Tori Amos - 'Father Lucifer' Occult Philosophy father lucifer you never looked so sane you always did prefer the drizzle to the rain tell me that you're still in love with that milkmaid how's the lizzies how's your jesus christ been hanging

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