Portrayed by Steve Talley
Fullname Luke Ryan Allyn
Birthday May, 7 1982
Species Human
Age 22
Height 6 ft 1 3/4 inches
Weight 160 pounds
Eyes Brown
Hair Blond
Occupation Odd Jobs

Claim to Fame

Luke is seen at times in some of the local bars, partying it up, or pitched into a cab to be taken home. He's had a few odd jobs around town since he's been here. Usually convenience stores, or some other shops here and there. Pretty much whatever he can get into, on just his highschool diploma.


Luke Allyn was born on May 7th, 1982 to Mike and Marsha Allyn in Elmira, New York. His life was simple, yet fairly happy. Durring the summer, they wold travel to different places in New York, as well as a bit into Pennsylvania. They would walk The Gorge at Watkins Glen, or spend time at the lake. Occasionally they'd even watch a race or two when they could. Sometimes they'd visit the other Finger Lakes, or up to Champlain. Even as far as New YOrk City or Niagra Falls area. In Pennsylvania, they'd go to the PA Grand Canyon, Kinzua oe some other places there as well.
As for school, he did rather well. Certainly not on the honor roll or anything but he did pass. He had a core group of friends, and they tended to like to party a lot. And found himself sometimes in some rather odd predicaments at times.
After graduation he really didn't want to go through college at this point. But he didn't want to stay in Elmira either. So eventually he pulled what money he had in the bank out and left. Hitching and walking to Florida. That was his first destination. But after some time there, and a few odd jobs, he decided he really didn't like it there. So he hitched and walked to California. Again spending some time there, odd jobs, a couple parties, but the lifestyle was waay too fast paced for him. Elmira is a small city, not anything so grand, or fast paced like Los Angeles. Even the coast didn't really appeal to him. So, he finally hitched and walked to Texas.
Once in Texas, he made his way to Dallas and though it's a city, it seems he's happy here. Well he's been here longer then a few months, and has gotten himself an appartment. A few small jobs here and there, conveniance store clerk, a couple restaraunts like McDs and a few other odd shops here in town. The appartment isn't exactly the ritz, but it's cheap enough he can pay his bills, but food and even party once in awhile. Though now that he's over 21, his partying has gone from at home, to the local bars. He seems to enjoy most of them, and has no troubles with the vampire population here, so far.

Character Details

Luke is pretty laid back, the fun loving type. He partys when he can, and tends to get a bit rowdy. Though it isn't as often anymore. But he has been known to be stuffed into a cab, or do some rather strange things. Though his appartment is small, and a bit run down it is neat and clean. He also is neat and clean. He is the ultimate bachelor though. He dates women, but right now he is not looking to settle down. He knows, eventually he will be married, but right now.. he is enjoying his freedom.


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