Portrayed by Hayley Williams
Fullname Madison Leila Garrett
Birthday October 15th
Species True Shifter
Age 20
Height 5'5"
Weight 110
Eyes Grey
Hair Varies
Occupation Lead singer for Angryface

Claim to Fame

Madison is the rambunctious young singer for the Indie/Emo band, Angryface. SHe's gotten in trouble around town for minor mischief, but nothing major. Her band has played at a few local clubs, and has a small but loyal fanbase. The only CDs they have are burned themselves and sold at the shows, and also on iTunes.


Madison was born twenty years ago in Houston. Her parents, David and Kelly, are both involved in the clothing industry, running a small punk/vintage clothing store. Due to this she was sort of born into the punk/indie subculture. Growing up, her friends often pointed out that her parents were pretty odd. For instance, they went out very often, usually sticking her with a babysitter, and they were NEVER home during the three nights of the full-moon. Also, the family had a lot of pets. Everytime one of her parents found a stray animal it was usually brought home. Madison, however, always had a strong affinity towards dogs.

She spent a lot of her time, when not with her friends, with the several dogs her parents had taken in. She adored them. Everything changed when she was twelve, and she began feeling very, very strange. She was playing with a cute little mutt of theirs at the time, and before she knew what was happenign she WAS a cute little mutt. Her parents came in shortly afterwards, and spent a long time explaining. It turns out she was part of a line of true shifters, and they spent time explaining the details of exactly what that meant. The strangeness of her parents suddenly made sense to her.

To take her mind off of the strangeness of her existance her parents suggested she pick up a hobby. She ended up getting involved in music, and took singing lessons, as well as some instruments. While she was decent with the instruments, it turned out that she was very good at singing.

When Madison was fifteen, her parents' clothing store was running low on business, so they decided to move it to a different city. So, the family moved to Dallas, and reopened their store, which is called 'Rebellious Threads'. The store did much better in Dallas, and when Madison was old enough, she began to work their part time. Also, she began to indulge in her shifter nature, loving the thrill of taking to the sky as a bird, or skulking through alleyways as a cat. Her parents saw it as a phase and let it happen.

When she graduated High School she decided she was going to take some time off before going to college. She is still on 'vacation'. A year ago she founded a band called Angryface with several other youths, and have been playing at local clubs and shows, gathering a small but loyal fanbase.

Character Details

Madison is best described as 'rambunctious'. She is easily excitable, and easily bored, and whenever she feels an emotion she feels it intensely. To her life is short, and if we don't throw ourselves into it with everything we have, we're wasting it. She adores her music, and 'odd' people, who don't give into the standard of what is normal. She loves being a Shifter, and while she understands the need to keep her existance as one secret, she uses every chance she can to shift, or get involved in supernatural happenings, as she finds them 'wickedly awesome'. She knew about Vampires before they came out of the coffin, and she's met a handful of them. Generally she understands they could kill her, but they don't scare her for the fact that they are Vampires. She might be afraid of individual Vampires, and she'll show each one the respect she feels they deserve.


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