Portrayed by Rachael McAdams
Fullname Maeradith Aoibheann McConnell
Birthday April 3, 1862
Species Vampire
Age 22/148
Height 5'4"
Weight 119
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Curator, Dallas Museum of Art


To look at her, one would see nothing out of sorts, nothing which would ring a warning bell of what type of creature occupied her thoughts, her imaginings or that her heart no longer beat, had not since 1881.

She still holds the anticipatory gleam in her eye as when she came over on the boat from Ireland in the winter of the year. Dark hair, emerald eyes and the whole world ahead of her as she was ported through New York. She was wide-eyed, overwhelmed as she walked the streets. The towering buildings, the abundance of foods from all over. Maeradith really could not be blamed for losing track of time. She even remembered the moment of her death. One-fifteen in the morning in Central Park as she walked along, listening to the cacophony of sounds within and without the area. Why, she was even told at the museum that those who had enjoyed the park likened it to Bois de Boulogne in Paris or London's Hyde Park, both of which she had visited in her travels. But once her heart stopped beating, she decided it was nothing like those venues at all.

It happened so fast. One moment she was walking towards 106th Street, the next she was embraced from behind, the pain overwhelming and yet…and yet there was a sensual peace to be had as she felt herself become lightheaded, soon believing herself to be floating above the din of sounds and scents. She had heard that one's life passed before one's eyes, but all she felt was pain, and then serenity. It was not until she broke free of the grave in which she was placed and then tasted the rusty essence cascading from the cold flesh pressed against her lips, a thirst overcoming her and so unquenchable that she nearly drained her host's own resources in her effort to consume did she realize the life she had known before had vanished. What shocked her later, was that the process took several days.

There had been no one who was awaiting her arrival in America, the trip one of discovery and to quell the pain of loss as her husband of several years recently passed in their town of Cúil Mhuine, in County Sligo, Ireland. It was not until later that her maker revealed why he had chosen her. Her quiet beauty, her gentleness…he worked in the immigration offices and he himself was a gentleman - once she came to know of him. Connal O'Murray. A beautiful man who had been turned just before the potato famine in Ireland, who yearned for a mate of his soul and when he saw her, framed in the full moonlight of the large windows, his unbeating heart took flight. He knew she would never accept him for what he was, believing the only way to convince her to stay with him was to make her into what he had become.

As the years brought them closer, Connal realized that she would have loved and adored him regardless of who or what he had become. He cherished her, his beloved and when the stake impaled him, having been routed out by a hunter of sorts, Maeradith did what any wife would do. Mourned him sorely, but took no vengeance on his murderer. She had thought she could feel no pain, but her sorrow is unending. As the years pass, she feeds only to keep herself alive, building upon her experience through the time spent in solitude in the various positions within museums throughout the world, having nothing but time to perfect her knowledge of antiquities of the ages.

She is now a curator at the Dallas Museum of Art, having recently returned from Italy, accompanying several precious pieces to be displayed for the duration. There still remains an other-worldly innocence about her, her body willow slim, dark, sable hair curling about her gentle face and a smile ever-present which encompasses her whole being.

Character Details

Maeradith is a gentle soul, content and not striving to be more than she is. She feeds for sustenance only, is kind and feels no remorse or ill-thoughts towards how she came to be. She simply is.


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