Makea Hart
Portrayed by Queen Latifah
Fullname Makea Hart
Birthday February, 5
Species Witch
Age 40
Height 5'11''
Weight 210 lbs
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Light Brown
Occupation Art Instructor at SMU

Claim to Fame

Known mostly by the students and faculty at Southern Methodist University, Makea has a reputation for being the hardest softy on staff. An art instructor in Life Drawing and Ceramics, her classes are considered a fun ride- but certainly not a free one. She's also known throughout the gimmick community, like stores that feature the occult, as a frequent window-shopper and occasional paying customer. For those that keep far away from institutes of learning and apathetic goth kids, Makea is the average hero of the day. Whether it's stopping to help someone pick up their spilled groceries or assisting a crying child in finding their mother, it's all in good karma.


Character Details

Sweet southern hospitality with just a touch more spice than the original recipe may call for. Makea is ready to take on whatever life throws at her and has gotten quite good at it over the years, if she may say so herself. And she will, should someone stay still long enough to listen. Everyone's her friend until proven otherwise, and with that title comes a helping hand, warm hugs, and an alarming amount of comfort food if the situation calls for it. And the situation always does.

While she can be quite the mother hen, there's more to her than just a wise old(er!) woman who gives the young'uns advice. Makea's a bundle of energy herself, with the ability to channel it into either work or play, successful in keeping the two separate. Warm flirtations are peppered throughout her speech and day to day encounters, though one might be hard pressed to figure out if she's serious or if it's an extension of her friendly nature.

The aforementioned spice is a side of Makea that people are rarely aware of, since it is almost impossible to get on her bad side. Almost. When a firm hand and a sharp mind are needed, she has both. Fiercely protective to a dangerous degree, her intense personality can be overwhelmingly unpleasant should something or someone darken her mood. Along with her open nature, there is not only a loss of respect but a bitter dislike for people who manage to betray her trust. Two sides of the same coin.


Name Relation Notes
Todd Acquaintance (Precious Lil' Lamb) While she hasn't had too many run-ins with the man, he stands out in her memory. He's a mystery, and it's likely Makea is going to make it a point to volunteer at the Hope House often. Besides, she needs to get him to embrace the use of crayons. They are not just for little kids!
Steve Acquaintance (Victim) Makea loves poking, prodding and seeing what kind of reactions she can get out of Captain Sunshine. It's harmless fun as far as she's concerned, and putting up with her games often results in beneficial favors.

Character Gallery


Log OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Clay Date September 11, 2010 September 11, 2010 While supervising another arts n' crafts day at the Hope House, Makea runs into two familiar faces. Todd who is already committed, and Joaquim, who should be.
Dinner Date of Doom September 17, 2010 September 17, 2005 It's a party for Todd, and Makea is happy to act as Hostess! Joaquim makes sure to invite the guest of honor's favorite Hero. Unfortunately, the party ends on a somewhat bitter note.
Squirrel Trouble September 18, 2010 September 18, 2005 Makea tries to relax on the evening of a full moon when everything goes a bit nuts! She gains a new stray to nurse back to health, though there is something oddly familiar about the little squeaker.

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