Portrayed by KEVIN MCKIDD
Fullname Marius Schlachter
Species Vampire
Age 620 (30)
Birthday 1385
Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs
Eyes Ice Blue
Hair Dirty Blonde
Position Whip

Claim to Fame

Marius is the 'Whip', the 'enforcer' and arm of the King of Texas and the Sheriff of the area. He is the one who carries out the punishments more than the rewards for behavior. Since the Revelation, his has been .. a busy unlife. Call him a behind-the-scenes PR support?


Character Details

Marius Schlachter is hard; much moreso than most vampires that one would meet. He is cruel, even by vampire standards. When he exacts his revenge or punishment, the words, 'I don't want to do this, but I must' is never, ever heard. He wants to. He delights in 'the game'.

His loyalty is unquestionable. He is a man of his word; a vestige of his upbringing. Mind, he has made horrible, terrible promises of retribution, and eventually, they too are kept.

Having learned courtiership in the Courts of France, Marius can be quite charming when he wishes. There have been times when he has relied upon just that to get what it was he wanted, whether it was a favour, or a way to lull the other into a false sense of security, only to be killed shortly after.


Name Race Relation Notes
Valentinus Vampire Brother in arms and liege. We go back centuries where they forged a bond in blood and battle. A bond that still holds true and firm.
Isobel Vampire Sheriff Another one whom has been known for centuries. I saved her unlife in the Great Conflagration, but have neither seen nor heard tell of her in the ensuing years. Until now.
Chloe Psychic King's squeeze Presumptious, but is learning.
James Stockton Vampire Child More of a brother at arms now than a Child learning his way.
Bethany Brooks Human Mine She shows no fear. Curious.
Susan Vampire City vampire We will see.
Michael Vampire City vampire Vampire who is led by his toy.
Mignonette Savoy Psychic Met A seer who is also a lawyer. Interesting.
Desiree Human Trifle Should she truly anger me, her blood will be spilled and allowed to soak the ground.

Random IC notes

Dû bist mîn ich bin dîn.
des solt dû gewis sîn.
dû bist beslozzen
in mînem herzen.
verlorn ist das sluzzelîn.
dû muost immêr darinne sîn!

Random OOC notes

*Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery.
*I will not play out a sex scene or a gore-fest scene. If When my character chooses to slaughter a breather, it will be done either off-camera or in cut scenes.

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