Portrayed by ADRIAN PAUL
Fullname Martin Robert Wilshire
Birthday 8/28/1754
Species Vampire
Age 255
Height 6'2"
Weight 170 lbs.
Eyes Steel Blue
Hair Dark Brown, almost black. Long, Ponytail usually.
Occupation Investigator

Claim to Fame

Worked as an investigator in may different places but resided in Cincinnati as an investigator for over 30 years.


1754: Martin is born in Salem, Mass.
1757: Martin's mother dies in childbirth leaving him to be the only child and raised by his father.
1775: Revolutionary War begins and Martin's father and himself support the British.
1776: Martin's father and fiancee to be dies in an attack on their family estate for being British supporters.
1776: Martin hides in Boston and encounters the vampire Lucinde. She makes him into a vampire.
1778: Martin leaves Lucinde's tutelage and goes out into the world on his own.
1779: Martin heads to Canada for years, becoming part of Montreal's undead scene.
1800: Martin heads to the new city of Toronto, and becomes an investigator there.
1815: Martin returns to the United States and settles in New York.
1861: Martin stays out of the Civil War, unsure about which side to support, even in secret.
1866: Martin heads out to Chicago, considering it's distance from the recent War.
1878: Martin leaves Chicago and starts to wander throughout different cities in the US, such as
1879-1963: Martin resides in many different cities, usually in an investigator position.
1964: Martin settles in Cincinatti, as the chief investigator there.
1965: Martin reunites with Lucinde, having a torrid love affair with her for a good year.
1966: Lucinde leaves Martin on personal buisness but they keep in contact over the years.
1996: Lucinde contacts Martin and offers him a position as a personal investigator for her.
2003: Martin finds out about Lucinde's death right after the public outing of vampires.
2003-2004: Martin starts to wander south stopping in a few southern cities but never staying long.
2005: Settles in Dallas, TX, finally thinking perhaps he'd finally found a new city to stay in.

Character Details

Martin's outward personality is a cool-natured and friendly one. He prefers to see every angle in a conflict before taking a side in it, but he does not hesitate to defend whatever side he takes after he has made up his mind. Generally he defers to vampire traditions but because of his experiences with supporting the British as a human during the Revolutionary War, he knows sometimes that supporting the status quo can be his downfall. He knows he is not the most powerful vampire on the 'food chain' but he tends to still give an air of confidence and power whenever he speaks.


Name Race Relation Notes
Lucinde Vampire Maker Died mysteriously, although it is unconfirmed but Martin thinks it's true.

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