Mary Bathory
Portrayed by DIANE LANE
Fullname Mary Bathory
Birthday November 29th
Species Vampire
Age 123 (39)
Height 5'9"
Weight 150 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Brunette
Occupation Owner of Bloody Mary's

Claim to Fame

Most people know Mary as the owner and operator of Bloody Mary's bar. She is sure to be found there every night, tending to the needs of her patrons. There are also some well known rumors floating around about this particular vampire. Is she the fabled Bloody Mary? Perhaps she is a descendant of her, or Elizabeth Bathory, or both. Only one person knows for sure, and she isn't telling.


The roaring 20s were a wild and wonderful time in the country, especially in Chicago. Women were easy, crimes were high and alcohol was forbidden. The answer to all things, it seemed, were the speakeasies that were carefully located all throughout the city. One of these establishments was the home of Maryann Bathurst Elwood and her husband Vern, in the sense that they worked there. It wasn’t just a job as it was also a way of life, and a life that they enjoyed together.

Character Details

While she was a human, Mary led a fairly mundane life. She worked at the speakeasy to try and get a thrill out of things. Even with her desire to lead an action packed life she did realize that she found the most wonderful person to be married to. He showed her love in the truest of forms and that is something that she has never found since. Part of her still longs for such a love, yet another part desires to remain wild so as to never put herself out there like that. After all, she is a vampire now and such feelings are no longer needed. Due to this she can often times be seen with her patrons, humans and vampires alike, enjoying the night as best as she can. It doesn't matter if her companions are male of female; Mary simply wishes to enjoy life to the fullest. She also enjoys a good mystery, as made evident by the fact that she continues to allow the rumors about her to circulate.


Name Race Relation Notes
Vern Elwood Human Spouse Vern was Mary's husband back when she was mortal. He was kind hearted and loving but lost his life in 1921.
Tatiana Vampire Maker Tatiana is the vampire who turned Mary back in 1921. They were extremely close but Mary has not seen her maker since the 1930's.
Cooper Enders Psychic Employee Bartender at Bloody Mary's.
Michael Isonzo Vampire Patron A vampire by far her elder. He's good for conversation.
Jamal Witch Patron New in town and trying to make a living. Incorrigible.
Laura Human Solicitor Needs to learn proper etiquette. For her own good.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Rude Awakenings 2/7/05 2/7/10 Patrons Jamal and Michael are spoken with and a rude solicitor interrupts.
The New Vamp In Town 2/10/05 2/10/10 Just another normal night, at least until a new face enters.

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