Portrayed by Ian Somerhalder
Fullname Maxwell Kelly Winters
Birthday Oct 13th
Species Werewolf
Age 28
Height 5'11"
Weight 160lbs
Eyes Steel Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Police Officer

Claim to Fame

Formerly special forces in the army, Max returned to civilian life to become a police officer in his hometown of Corpus Christi. He and his father came to Dallas after some issue with his younger sister and his transfer to the Dallas precinct.


Character Details

To the average on-looker, Max would probably seem like your stereotypical workaholic, no nonsense sort of guy with control freak issues that became a cop because that's what that sort of person does. Fortunately for his social life, this assumption wouldn't be entirely accurate. To those he lets into his proverbial circle, Max is instinctively protective and tolerant, if not always laid back or approving their choices. He's perfectly capable of letting loose and having a good time when he wants to. He can even be charming. On the other hand, he has a definite temper that can get the better of him when his control falters. But that doesn't happen too terribly often.

For the most part, Max is tolerant of most supernaturals while quietly maintaining, as is typical for his kind, that Weres are superior. His main exception to this tolerance is vampires. He despises them and, as such, has a lot harder time controlling himself when they're around.


Name Race Relation Notes
Leigh Rossum Werewolf Work Partner They have a fairly new work partnership, but seem to get along well.
Gwen Werewolf Half-Sister She's been abjured by the Corpus Christi pack, due to having been found to be having relations with a vampire.
Colonel Weston Winters Werewolf Father A military man through and through. Has a stern, but decent relationship with his son.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Giving Thanks July 18, 2010 July 18, 2005 Hugo drops by the police station to thank Officer Winters for his help during the attack and take him out for a drink. Things get a bit hairy though when Josephine shows up.
Quick Tour July 19/20, 2010 July 18, 2005 Max kindly gives Hugo a ride home after leaving Grisly's. The artist shows the officer his work and convinces him to model for him sometime in the future. Note: Takes place immediately after Giving Thanks.

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