Megan Braddock
Fullname Megan Brianne Braddock
Birthday July 4
Birthplace Climax, KS
Species Human
Age 26
Height 5'6"
Weight 118 lbs.
Eyes Bright Blue
Hair Black
Short Description Pale complexion, dark wavy hair, big bright blue eyes.
Blood Type A(Hep D)
Alignment Fence Sitter
Occupation Retail Savant

Claim to Fame

The only thing Megan is famous for is being a former homecoming princess, and eating nearly her weight in ice cream in college. These days, she's one of the faces that can be seen at the Magnolia Boutique.


Character Details

Megan is a chameleon — that is, her personality tends to change depending upon whom she's around or what the situation is. She's extremely uncertain of who she is, and while she tries very hard to make herself into a well-formed individual, she just does not have the capacity to do so fully.

The only thing that she can claim as being part of herself is the fact that she loves clothing — more than that, she loves designing and making her own clothing. Megan may be a failed fashion designer working in an upscale boutique, but she still takes a lot of pride in the fact that she generally designs and hand makes clothing. Showing off her different outfits when she's not at work — be they simple denim pants, and oddly designed t-shirts, or a really flashy dress, is something she has a lot of fun doing. She also loves to design one of a kind outfits for others, and though she's not an accredited designer, she will take commissions for them. Her one quirk about it is that she quite often creates new designs on a whim; often times modeling them on her large collection of teddy bears when no other model is available to her.

Beyond vampires, she has no clue that the supernatural world exists. She has a love/hate relationship with vampires. Some days she thinks they're okay. Others, she kind of wishes someone would obliterate them.


Name Race Relation Notes
Carter Witch Acquaintance Guy came into the shop. Guy bought clothes. Guy needs a seamstress.
Bailey Human Acquaintance Girl game into the shop. Girl bought clothes. Girl needs a seamstress.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Summary
Hook, Line, and Sinker April 7, 2010 April 7, 2005 Megan has a favor to ask of her on-again-off-again ex. He takes the bait, just like always.

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