Mellie Cornett
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Portrayed by Leighton Meester
Fullname Melanie Rosemary Cornett
Birthday June 16,
Species Human
Age 18
Height 5'5
Weight 105 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Chestnut
Occupation Waitress

Claim to Fame

Mellie is a known fangbanger. A waitress at Bloody Mary's, she spends most of her nights mingling with the undead and their other hangers on. She's also a party girl and V addict, who's had at least a few run ins with the police.


Mellie was born the youngest child of three to Charles and Laura Cornett. Essentially from birth, she fit right into her role as baby sister, managing to be both adorable and terrible, often at the same time.

She was a passionate but difficult child, stubborn, and always knowing her own mind; she never did like the sound of the word 'no'. Not a fearful girl in the least, she seemed determined to give her mother grey hair with all of her dangerous stunts. When she was only two, she took it upon herself to jump into the river, figuring she'd very much like to go for a swim, thinking the rushing water looked fun and exciting.

Fortunately for all involved, her older sister Chloe, somehow 'knew' what it was that baby sister was about to do, and help arrived before Mellie could actually make her way down to the river. The toddler pitched the mother of all tantrums, but at least she was saved from certain death.

Still, as long as she wasn't trying to kill herself, it wasn't too often that Mellie was denied her own way, thanks to her place at the bottom of the birth order. Her parents had already been through it twice, and with Mellie, trying to withhold something that she wanted was just often not worth the trouble. She would pull out every trick in the book, first begging and pleading and working her oh-so-powerful puppy dog eyes; when that wasn't enough, she'd flip like a switch, and on would come the hissyfits, the slamming doors, the sulking, the silent treatment… she could last for days, if the stakes were high enough.

School was a culture shock, of course, where teachers didn't have the luxury of just letting her have her way. Despite being a bright girl, her grades were only ever mediocre, and she wound up visiting the principal on more than one occasion. She did better outside the classroom, making friends and influencing the social fabric of the schoolyard. She got along well with her peers, if only because she was good at choosing for friends those girls who were not inclined to outshine her.

Not that she wasn't capable of being a sweetheart when it suited her, but Mellie was always a button pusher, wanting to see what she could get away with, or how long she could poke at her big brother and sister before they'd lose their patience. It was never malicious though. At the end of the day, it really was about the attention, and if they wouldn't play with her, she'd find some way to make sure they acknowledged her existence, whatever it took.

So it came as a hard blow when her older sister went cuckoo. Mellie was only ten when it happened, and it was difficult for her to understand why, suddenly, everything was about Chloe. Whether true or not, she felt completely overlooked and ignored, as the fuss wasn't about her, for the first time in her short life.

This couldn't be allowed to stand. Mellie had never been particularly apt at discerning good attention from bad attention, so the latter was just fine by her. She started to act out, getting herself into deeper and deeper trouble in the hopes of gaining back the attention of their parents. If Chloe was a worry, she'd make herself even more of one.

By the time she had started high school, the young teen was completely out of control. There were a few altercations with the law - not enough to land her in court, but she was delivered home in the back of a squad car more than once, for stupid things like vandalism, public drunkenness, and getting busted trying to get into a club on a (very bad) fake ID.

Instead of the validation she'd been seeking with all this self-destructive behaviour, Mellie found only disapproval from her parents. Instead, it was with her bad influence friends that she found the attention she had been looking for, and it didn't take them much work to convince her to drop out of school and run away from home.

She lived the life of an vagrant, crashing on couches, in the backs of vans, hooking up with older guys just to have a place to stay, someone to confirm her worth. She was lost and in a massive downward spiral.

She first heard the news when she was 15. Vampires were real. The noble, tortured souls that she had read about in her teen novels were real. To say that the troubled teen over-identified would be a gross understatement. She became obsessed, and despite being way too young to get in, she started hanging around Bloody Mary's like a groupie.

And like a groupie, she started sleeping with her idols, throwing herself fully into the life of a fangbanger, a willing meal to those who preferred veal. She lost herself in the life, drifting for a few years until she was finally able to score herself a job as a waitress there.

It isn't about the money, of course, though that at least is enough to buy her a little self-reliance. It's about being a part of the culture. This dark and dangerous world that can keep up with her own tortured soul. Her family? Well, they just don't understand.

Character Details

Mellie is at best a passionate and loyal friend and at worst a hedonistic, self-centred brat. She has a self-destructive streak a mile long, and is absolutely fascinated with death and the macabre. At the central crux of her problem is that she doesn't actually know what she wants, but knows she does want something most desperately, so she just throws herself bodily after one thing after another in the hopes of finding that fulfillment she's been seeking.

She keeps herself distant from her family, though on some level, she is and always will be seeking that validation from them. Now too caught up in her own downward spiral, she's unable to do anything but push their buttons, to seek negative attention where she's just utterly given up on the positive. She tells herself she does care, she doesn't need them, but underneath it all, she loves them and at times does wish she was closer, or that they would understand why this is the life she chooses to lead.

Rather than dealing with reality or negative consequences, she buries herself in fantasy, living out this oh-so-romantic life of vampire consort in her head. Desperate for attention and deluded by these daydreams, she sets herself up to be used and discarded again and again, always picking herself up and insisting to herself that it doesn't matter.

Ever the baby of the family, she is spoiled and expects to get her way, though with age, has learned to try first her feminine wiles and manipulation before resorting to hissyfits. Being the youngest has also left another indelible mark on her: her need to 'keep up' and prove herself just as capable as everyone else.


Name Race Relation Notes
Robert Human Brother Her big brother. In some ways, she'll always look up to him, even if she'd never let him know that. Ever the contrarian, since he tries to avoid her, she likes to pop up once in awhile just because she knows it bugs him. Annoyed attention is still attention.
Chloe Psychic Sister Being closest in age and the same gender is often bound to cause sibling rivalry. That her sister had to go and usurp her position as prime attention getter by going crazy, well, Mellie still hasn't entirely forgiven her that. She's not sure if that makes her a terrible person, but, hey, Chloe is fine now, right?
Mary Vampire Boss As with all vampires, Mellie puts Mary on a super-high pedestal, and is absolutely fascinated by the woman. She respects her deeply as a boss, and finds her very agreeable to work for. She's thrilled at the prospect of promotion.

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Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
How Not to Bake a Cake March 1, 2010 March 1, 2005 Hope tries to make a cake to surprise Bobby, but fails. Mellie comes up to the apartment, and they talk.

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