Mia Nakamura
Portrayed by Maggie Q
Fullname Mia Yukiko Nakamura
Birthday December 24
Species Witch
Age 25
Height 5'0"
Weight 101lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Dep. Curator, 6th Floor Museum


"History is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind." — Gibbon, Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire

"The Historian is a prophet looking backwards." — Schlegel

"Assassination has never changed the history of the world." — Disraeli


Known on the internet in conspiracy theory chat-rooms and JFK Assassination sites. Her senior college dissertation was widely distributed throughout the academic community, which led to her getting work at the "6th Floor Museum" in Dallas, TX. Mia's lived in Dallas for a little over two years, and occasionally is seen in coffee houses reading original haiku, the library or any of the bookstores throughout the city.


Exhibiting the finest features of both races, Mia has the flawless, golden skin of Japanese ancestry, coupled with a heart-shaped face which bespeaks her mother's Caucasian heritage. She has well-defined features, and high cheekbones. Dark brown, almond-shaped eyes are fringed by long black lashes. Her eyebrows are wings floating above her eyes. Mia has full lips and a bow-shaped mouth. Framing her face is long, silky black hair. Although petite, Mia is lithe and strong, with a nicely rounded figure. Her torso is well-toned with curving hips which turn into shapely legs. Her hands have slender, tapered fingers with perfectly manicured nails. Mia has a calm, confident demeanor, and speaks with a clear, dulcet voice.



Mia was raised to be unobtrusive, respectful and obedient, some of which she has retained into adulthood. The down side to this was being viewed as somehow worth less than her brothers. Where many children might throw tantrums, Mia channeled the negative energy into a positive stoicism which made her strong and determined to fulfill her chosen goal.

Other influences in Mia's life encouraged exploration, experimentation and openly demonstrating affection. Because of this, Mia has no problem speaking her mind or voicing her opinions. This is tempered by her stoicism, and Mia is selective about what she says and to whom. Mia was taught early in life not to speak of her gifts to just anyone. She was urged to caution, and even her closest friends and colleagues have no idea she's a practicing witch.

There is a creative, fun side to Mia. She loves writing Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry. Though she is no artist, she enjoys sketching and designing displays for the museum. Mia is, however, shy about her creations, and doesn't often show them to people. On the other hand, Mia loves to perform her poetry, and can sometimes be found at Absinthe on "open mike" night reciting her haiku..

In contrast, there are times when Mia withdraws from everything and everyone. It's during these times she feels stirrings of paranoia — which probably stems from her addiction to conspiracy theories. She spends hours locked inside her house, surfing the web, ostensibly researching her thesis. Fortunately, these moods don't happen often, and she's learned to control them by forcing herself to leave the house and do something, as well as utilizing her Tai Chi for meditation.

If there is a truly a negative side to Mia's personality, it's her tendency to let criticism and critique crack her confidence. Again, this stems from being raised to feel second best to her brothers. This mostly manifests as a feeling of worthlessness, but it can cause her to falter on important decisions.

Regarding other supernaturals: Mia has one simple philosophy — Do unto others and it harm none.


Name Relationship Notes
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Click For Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2oO558MPUk

Click For Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dHvYB5JdSs



Number Taken Notes
One Playbill This is a publicity shot of Mia when she played Alva Starr in a college production of "This Property is Condemned."
Two Family A picture of Mia taken when she was eighteen, just before she left for the University of Washington.
Three Museum This picture was taken at a benefit hosted by the "6th Floor Museum."
Four Museum Another photo of Mia at a museum-hosted party on the 41st anniversary of the JFK assassination.
Five Museum Mia's picture for the museum's annual Board of Directors magazine.
Six Personal Mia's Texas state driver's license photo.

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