Portrayed by Christopher Walken
Fullname Michael James Isonzo
Birthday November 527
Species Vampire
Age 1482(40)
Height 5'7"
Weight 170 lbs
Eyes blue
Hair black
Occupation Businessman

Claim to Fame

Michael's an exceptionally old Vampire, as such he tends to get something akin to the star treatment in Vampire circles at times, while this means he's often seen taking advantage of invites and free drinks, it also means there's more than a few vampires in Dallas who resent him simply because he gets this treatment, not to mention he's not always trusted; many people wonder why he hasn't simply grabbed himself an important office somewhere and settled down with power.


I was born too long ago to share more than a brief overview of my life, but then that’s the case for even most humans I suppose, it began long ago, during the last decades of the Ostrogotic Kingdom; I was a scholar as such things were deemed in those days, responsible for recording the exploits of kings. To avoid those matters I’m not fond of I’ll say simply that the Kingdom fell and I was left homeless and alone.

I travelled for many years until I met my Maker; a man I’ve known as Alterius for time beyond memory. We lived in Italy for a time, until I left travelling Europe before finally settling in what would in later years become known as England. I’ll skip the many things I’ve seen and done, although I will pause to mention my return to Italy for the Renaissance since it bore quite an impact on me, with the exception of a century or so travel at this point however I remained chiefly in the United Kingdom, building myself an empire of businesses simply to pass the time.

I travelled to the New World while the Thirteen colonies were still young and held by the british, giving up everything to start again. I have lived in Texas amongst other states on and off since then, although Texas always held a special place in my heart, my time away mostly to secure connections, influence and power where possible.

Character Details

You’d be forgiven for thinking Michaels’ mainstreaming, he seems to have an almost unusual interest in humans, he spends a surprsing amount of time with humans, he takes an interest in their affairs, yet those who get to know him soon realise that it’s the events and not the people he’s interested in, he considers himself a witness to events of the past, almost considering it an obligation. He does however have a tendency to get bored with the small stuff, dedicating much of his time to ways to keep himself entertained, mainly these are games of politics and business, although he’s not above cultivating hobbies or other subjects of interest.


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