Portrayed by Alexis Denisof
Fullname Mischa Lev Alexandrov
Birthday October 8
Species Shifter
Age 29
Height 6'1"
Weight 160
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Occupation Librarian

Claim to Fame

The proverbial mild-mannered dork. Meesh has never quite fit in, but he's handy in the library when someone needs to know where obscure reference materials are.


When Yuri and Katerina Alexandrov immigrated to the United States, their reasoning was the same as many other immigrants. They wanted something better for themselves, something better for their unborn child. Political tensions in Russia had never been particularly easy, and the Alexandrovs managed to escape before things got really bad in 1979. They went immediately to Texas, where they were told that there were plenty of jobs. Katerina was seven months pregnant with their first and only a child, a son, when they reached Dallas.

By the time that the Alexandrovs got settled in their new home, their son was born. He was not the first child that the couple had, but the only one who had survived. He was proceeded by two boys and a girl, either stillborn or having died in infancy. The couple had intended to stop trying for a child when Mischa was conceived. They were happy but cautious when he was a live birth, but after he reached his first birthday, they were ecstatic. By then, Yuri had secured a job as an antiques dealer, having rare Russian items sent to him when he could from Katerina's family. Katerina herself had taken a smaller job on the side as a seamstress, doing alterations for people, though she mostly devoted herself to being Mischa's mother.

Mischa's childhood was uneventful but happy. He was never a particularly social boy and never had many friends, always preferring the company of books to that of other kids. Despite his solitary ways, he was a relatively well-adjusted child. His parents only spoke Russian around him before his third birthday, opting to teach English later, just before school. A neighbor of the Alexandrovs helped tutor Mischa in English before he reached kindergarten. By the time he entered school, he was fluent in the English language. His love of languages compelled him to study French around the third grade, advancing to German in middle school.

Unfortunately for Mischa, his knowledge of the German language wasn't the only thing that blossomed in middle school. His parents had never told him that he was a shifter, nor was he aware of either of them being a shifter. He was conveniently in bed early when the full moon came and he never once noticed that his parents were cavorting as animals. The first time he did shift, it was on his way home from school. There was a stray cat that had been following him. As he tried to entice it into his backpack so he could take it home, he shifted. After that, Mischa's primary form would always be that of the same cat he saw that day (one he ended up not taking home). The very confusing experience led to a very awkward conversation about shifting, one more awkward than the sex talk, at least according to Mischa. Regardless, he wasn't angry with his parents for having kept it a secret. They only wanted him to enjoy his childhood without having to worry.

High school came and went without much incident. Mischa was a gangly, awkward youth lacking in social graces. The girls didn't pay much attention to him, and that was fine with him — he wouldn't have to explain to them how he truly was. Trips to the zoo were strictly verbotten and any pets? Forget it. But Mischa remained relatively upbeat and positive through his high school years. He was never really teased for his bookishness and managed to stay off of the radar of any bullies. He began working part time at one of the local libraries to save money for college. He graduated high school with a good grade point average and went onto college, majoring in English.

In college, Mischa met a girl. She was beautiful, intelligent, funny, and kind. Most of all, she seemed to dig the dork thing that Mischa had going on. They got serious rather quickly and Mischa proposed marriage on the night of their nine month anniversary. He did in fact manage to tell his fiancee what he was — and she accepted him, no questions asked. Tragically, a month before their wedding, May was killed in a freak accident. She was crossing a busy street when two cars struck her simultaneously, pinning her between them. There was no chance for survival. After May's death, Mischa was never quite the same. He graduated from UTD and got a job in the Dallas Public Library. He's been employed there since 1998, and there's stayed. Mischa is one of the longest-employed book jockeys. Despite having a degree in English, he has no desire to move away from the safety of the stacks of books that hide him from personal interaction.

Character Details

Mischa is by far a loner type, though often not by choice. He suffers from crippling shyness that has made it difficult to for him to make friends over the years. Even so, he wants desperately to make a real connection with someone — though this is hard for him as he expresses his feelings slowly, despite developing them quickly. Mischa is easily hurt though he refuses to show this. If hurt, he will withdraw as a way of setting limits. He's an intuitive person, quite empathetic to other people and their troubles. Mischa tends to hide behind books for comfort. He tries to find the good in everyone — it takes a lot for someone to make him think that they're a truly awful person. When he is finally incensed enough by someone to dislike them, he's often a little slow on the uptake that this is in fact, yes, a bad person. He even believes that most vampires are good, as well as most weres and shifters. Mischa has never been particularly open about the fact that he can shift. He tends not to mention it at all if he can help it — but on the inside, he's proud of himself to an extent. He's certainly not ashamed, but he doesn't flaunt his power either.


Name Race Relation Notes
Chloe Psychic ??? She knows his secret and he feels oddly comfortable around her. He's gone as far as to start divulging delicate knowledge about shapeshifters with her. He'd do anything for Chloe and considers her his best friend, even if things are quite dubious between them right now.
Cooper Psychic Acquaintance Cooper is a young woman with an interesting outlook on life. Despite the fact that she says she has to be evil for the greater good of mankind or something, Mischa enjoys her company. He doesn't really approve of her 'second' job outside of waitressing, but won't narc on her or lecture her. Much.
Hailee Human Friends Mischa was invited to a charity auction by this former model. He subsequently 'won' her at the auction. At first Mischa wasn't sure what Hailee wanted from him, but now that he's gotten to know her, he thinks she's a sweet young woman who just needs someone to look out for her.
Isobel Vampire Who Knows Isobel seems to want to eat Mischa. He finds her attractive but ultimately is also quite scared of her. Unfortunately she's also a big player in vampire politics.
Josephine Psychic Enemies? A psychic that Chloe knows, who assisted in the rescue of then-Sherriff, now-King, Will Grant. She doesn't know that Mischa is a shifter, but she's been asking questions. Way too Many of them. He tried to throw her off and lied to her… for which she called him a liar.
Summer Shifter Girlfriend It happened quick and Mischa is falling hard, moreso than he'd like to admit. He simply adores this woman and he would do anything in his power for her in a heartbeat.


Title Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Animal by Miike Snow Shifting "I change shapes just to hide in this place, but I'm still, I'm still an animal."
Bulletproof by La Roux Love/Romance "This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof."
Burial by Miike Snow General "Don't forget to cry at your own burial."
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by David Bowie Shifting "See these eyes so green? I can stare for a thousand years."
Ceremony by New Order General "I'll break them down, no mercy shown. Heaven knows, it's got to be this time."
Don't Want To Hurt You by The Sounds Chloe "Don't want to hurt you, try not to mess with your feelings. It's just a matter of trust, for us, for lust."
Falling In Love Again by Klaus Nomi Love/Romance "Falling in love again, never wanted to. What am I to do? Can't help it."
I'll Be Your Mirror by Beck Chloe "When you think the night has seen your mind and inside you're twisted and unkind, let me stand to show that you are blind."
Lonely Ghost by Jack Conte General "Don't look back, you'll turn to salt. So just march on and let moments melt."
Seal Jubilee by Bat For Lashes Shifting "Birds, they raised their young for dead."
Some Kind of Stranger by The Sisters of Mercy General "Rationale and rhyme and reason pale beside a single kiss."
The Handshake by MGMT Isobel The whole thing, srsly.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
What If: Chloe The Vampire Slayer April 1, 2010 April 1, 2005 What if after the great revelation, Chloe and Mischa took it upon themselves to rid the Earth of the vampire infestation, with a few surprises along the way?
To Shreds April 4, 2010 April 4, 2005 That pesky wolf that's been attacking people shows up to give Mischa an experience he won't soon forget.
A Tisket, A Tasket April 5, 2010 April 5, 2005 Summer brings Mischa a few goodie baskets while he convalesces in the hospital.

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