player: Morgan
Portrayed by Natalie Portman
Fullname Morgan Leigh Fletcher
Birthday July 3rd
Species Human
Age 25
Height 5'3"
Weight 114 lbs.
Eyes Light Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Wedding Planner

Claim to Fame

Morgan has worked with a lot of high-profile people and their weddings (sports players, actors, mayors, as well as wealthy civilians and common folk).


Morgan was raised in Rochester, New York by her mother Gina and her Step Father Marcus. When Morgan was three years old her father passed away in a car accident due to icey roads. While Morgan never knew her father, really knew him, she doesn't ever believe he really left her. Her childhood was a good one, and fairly average as far as childhoods go. When Morg' was five years old her mother gave birth to a little boy; Jason. Morgan was always protective of her little brother, even if he was only her half sibling.

In pre-school and elementary school Morgan's mother would enter her in amature pagents; something Morg' never continued with as she got older. Family members in upstate New York with a lot of land contributed to Morgan's love of horses. As she got older Morg' would go and spend weeks at a time at her Aunts house, riding and showing her Aunts horses in competition shows.

As she grew Morgan saw herself as a perfectionist in everything she did. She was an above average student through-out middle and highschool and well into her college years. Her senior year of highschool made her realize what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. President and valedictorian of her class, Morgan was very talented at oragnizing her classes functions and it didn't take long for her to realize her dream of planning weddings.

After obtaining her degree in business management and design Morgan aquired her Wedding Planner Certification and she began her career from home. Around this time Morgan was still living in Rochester with her family. A year later Morgan moved into an apartment, still in Rochester, with her highschool and College sweetheart. When Morgan turned 23 her boyfriend, and then fiance, of four years left her. It was around this time that Morgan began to show signs of severe OCD. Her doctor said it could be due to her increased stress-level, or the inability to handle her fiance leaving her; so Morgan moved home again.

Over the years her OCD and issues only increased. Morgan began to drink in her room and thought she hid it well, but her brother knew and confronted her about it one night. The next day Morgan had arranged plans to move to live in her Aunt's summer home in Dallas, Texas. The thought of leaveing the shealter of her family's home terrified her, but they all agreed it would be a good change for her and thus you find her here now, living in her Aunt's two bedroom summer home on the outskirts of the city; high hopes for the future.

Character Details

Morgan is one of those headstrong independant women. She's managed to make a career of her own on her own and is convinced she will only and always need herself. She can be extremely bossy sometimes when she believes she's in the right; which is 90% of the time. She is also a very outspoken opinionated person and generally believes her opinions are correct and for the best. She means well, a sweetheart to the core and a gentle soul. If she hurts anyones feelings due to her very forward nature she's normally surprised to hear so and very quick to apologize for offending that person. Morg' /loves/ the social scene and loves company. She's very quick to open up to anyone and befriend everyone.

Likes: Dark Chocolate, Lysol Cleaner, the smell of Vanilla, Red Wine, and Egyption Cotton.

Dislikes: Dust, Dirt, Nature, Tile Floors, and Sticky Baby Hands.


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