Portrayed by Bradley Cooper
Fullname Glen Edward Murphy
Birthday 28 January 1978
Species Shifter
Age 27
Height 5'11"
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Mechanic

Claim to Fame

Glen Murphy's a mechanic who's been working at Bunker's Garage for almost a decade now. It's a decent job with steady pay, and if you've ever brought your car in chances are he's worked on it. He was a troubled child and is now a troubled man, and he doesn't particularly feel the need to hide his often-offensive opinions. In fact, he tends to shout them from the rooftops. He's also a blood shifter who often runs around as a dog, which just complicates everything and makes it easier for him to stick his nose under attractive skirts. All things considered, he is so much white trash amongst the landfill that is Dallas.


Glen Murphy was born in the Dallas suburb of Balch Springs to an unmarried couple who lived in a rundown one-bedroom home. He got his thick Texan drawl from his momma and his tendency to run off from his daddy, because that's exactly what his daddy did when his little boy was barely two years old. From both of them he got the genetic cocktail necessary to give him an unhealthy infancy and qualify him as a blood shifter, though that's a family secret he wouldn't be let in on until puberty. Left on her own, Megan Murphy did what she could to support herself and her son, taking a job waitressing at a local Tex-Mex joint. When Glen was old enough to start grade school she began pulling all the shifts she could manage to get in order to avoid financial ruin. More often than not this translated into Glen being left alone in the house or with a friendly neighbor while his mother was at work, passing away the time by resenting her, his absent father, and the fact that he didn't have a normal family.

A couple of years after her husband abandoned her, Megan decided that she and Glen needed a male influence in their daily lives. She began began flirting here and there with the regulars at her workplace, and what was to follow was a long string of boyfriends. None of them stayed very long. Some were good to Megan and Glen and some weren't, and others were downright abusive; members of the last group usually didn't last a month before getting run off by Glen's uncle Harry, who would inevitably catch wind that his sister was getting smacked around. Then, when Glen was eleven, his mother met and brought home a sanitation worker from Dallas named Dave. Dave wasn't like the others, and he almost immediately became all the things a father should be to the hitherto-fatherless Glen. It was exactly what the boy needed - he had been getting into fights at school with other kids, had been smart-mouthing his teachers, had even started committing acts of meaningless cruelty like throwing rocks at neighborhood cats. Dave put a stop to all of it with a mixture of much-needed discipline and equally-needed kindness.

For the first time in his life Glen found his situation improving instead of getting steadily worse and bonded closely with Dave, who returned the boy's awkward overtures at friendship with warmth and treated Megan like a queen. The family's white-trash lifestyle became far more bearable and pleasant when Dave moved into the apartment. The boy calmed down and didn't fight so much at school, his momma didn't have to work quite so many shifts, and they even found the extra money to replace the old junkheap that Megan had been driving for the last fifteen years. But like all good things in Glen's life, his happiness just couldn't last: his mother cheated on Dave and was dumb enough to get caught at it. It broke his heart, and after a three-year relationship he pulled up stakes and left. Glen's mother didn't tell him the truth about the man's departure, instead enacting a charade to get her thirteen-year old boy to believe that Dave abandoned them. Glen was totally devastated.

The emotional and financial turmoil came at just about the worst time possible. About a month after Dave walked out the door Glen experienced his first change when he imprinted a stray mutt on the way to school. He spent that day running wild as a dog and returned home without the benefit of his clothing to be met with his mother, who could smell the change in him. She explained the family heritage apologetically, treating it as though it were some sort of unfortunate disease instead of what Glen could so clearly see it as: an escape route. His mother began to spend more time with him to teach him the finer points of shifting and about the supernatural world in general, filling the boy's imagination with thoughts of wicked vampires and bloodthirsty werewolves - he took these lessons to heart only in that he developed a healthy respect for other supernatural creatures, but not necessarily a fear of them. In fact, he quickly started to see himself as superior to them in just about every way. Most importantly Megan impressed upon her son that if he wanted to keep his skin intact he had better not run his mouth about his (or her) true nature to anyone.

Even as young as he was, Glen was decidedly unimpressed with his mother's failure to exploit her abilities. A few weeks after his first change he bought a disposable camera and hunted down the stray he had first imprinted - an easy task thanks to the creature's friendly nature - and took a roll of film so he'd never forget the animal. After his mother's knowledge of the creepy crawly was exhausted Glen began to drift from her quite intentionally, heckling the men she brought home and just being an insolent brat in general. Petty crime started to become a hobby in high school as he simultaneously started smoking pot and shoplifting, his already poor grades dropping dramatically.

Since his teachers were unwilling to deal with him and just about everyone who knew him and had any pull felt that Glen was not cut out for academics, the last three years of Glen's primary education took place at a vocational school in Balch Springs where he learned the necessary skills to become an auto mechanic. It was arguably the best experience he'd ever had with school, and upon finishing it he immediately started looking for work and his own place - living with his mother was a concept so revolting he couldn't so much as consider it. The Dallas-based business of Bunker's Garage and Salvage turned out to be his salvation when he asked Sean Bunker for a job and the man took pity on him. He managed to avoid the life of trailer-trash by renting the cheapest, sleaziest apartment he could find, and then surprised everyone who knew him by showing up more or less on time to work every day without complaint.

On his off days Glen pursued less-savory activities, keeping up an infrequent recreational drug habit and dealing some of his own when he had the cash to buy extra from his dealer. He kept himself away from anything that even smelled like it might be a vampire or something else that might recognize him for what he was. His behavior grew steadily worse, though he's had the brains and luck to not get caught at anything worth a felony charge - which isn't to say that a couple of late-night liquor store armed robberies weren't his doing. For the most part his arrest record, which has been steadily growing, has consisted of things like public intoxication, noise complaints, drug possession, a couple of DUIs, and a few misdemeanor assault charges from bar fights. In fact, he's on a first-name basis with a number of Dallas' police officers; though they find him aggravating most of them consider him to be a harmless nuisance.

And then the vamps came out of the coffin.

Like many supernaturally-influenced individuals, Glen was mortified. With the fragile division between the fantastic and the mundane shattered it was only a matter of time before things like vampire rights started cropping up in the news. The world began to change and not for the better; the first time Glen came face to face with a vamp was while working a shift at Bunker's. Though the vamp in question was a perfect gentleman while Glen went about replacing a busted spark plug the shifter found him, for lack of a better term, creepy. Really creepy. That, along with Glen's objection to the public revelation of supernatural entities, more or less solidified his negative opinions of the fanged population.

When Sean Bunker retired about a year later, Bunker's Garage was taken over by an Irish immigrant going by the name Abbey Wallace. Despite his many reservations about working for a werewolf Glen found himself unwilling to give up the steady, easy job that he had been working for almost a decade. Though he put in applications at a couple of other auto shops in the area he ended up staying on at Bunker's. He's still there, spending his time finding ways to entertain himself and picking fights with people who look at him funny. Glen's loosened up a little about his own level of secrecy with his close friends but is still fanatically opposed to mass publicity - fanatic to the point of being willing to kill to maintain the anonymity of the non-revealed supernatural races.

Character Details

Glen Murphy's an unpredictable blabbermouth who'll loudly voice his opinions on anything if given half a chance to. He's generally untrusting of other folks and has a lot of daddy issues that he tries to pay no attention to, preferring to mask it and any discomfort he might have behind sarcasm and criticism. Though he knows a good range of people and is called "friend" by many, he tends to keep his relationships at an arm's length and has great difficulty with being open and honest with others, to say nothing of with himself.

When he's not feeling threatened Glen is pretty easygoing and tends to enjoy humor in many of its forms, and has also been known to sing along with the radio whenever a good country song rolls around. Fortunately for everyone else around him when the mood strikes he's not a bad singer. He's a lot smarter than most folks give him credit for, since strangers (and even friends) tend to base their measure of his intelligence on the facts that he fixes cars for a living and never went to college. But just because he doesn't have the benefit of fancy institutional learning or a degree doesn't mean he's stupid, even if he does have trouble with words that have too many syllables in them.

Glen has a marked fascination for all things supernatural. He also very much considers himself to be naturally superior to other things that go bump in the night, and in fact is highly motivated to punish members of the vampire population for outing their own existence. He has little regard for rules, both those set by mortals and those set by more obscure sources, and often seems to take delight in flouting authority, pushing buttons, and generally just trying to see how far he can push people before they snap.


Abbey Werewolf Boss Coming soon.

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