Portrayed by Emily Browning
Fullname Minerva Bishop
Birthday November 1, 1985
Species Shifter
Age 20
Height 5'2
Weight 105
Eyes Midnight Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Hacker

Claim to Fame

In school, Neve tended to be one of those kids who stuck out as far as winning awards and such. Early on, she'd been moved to the 'Gifted' class can be remembered as the kid with great grades but few friends. Sadly, she'll also be remembered as the kid who hacked into the Southwest Bank intranet and stole $200,000. Her name wasn't released because she was a minor, though the local paper released a blurry court photo. Her fellow students didn't need a name, tough. They knew /exactly/ who the papers were talking about.

Since graduating high school, she hasn't done much to garner notice. That is, unless you work for the local PD. Neve Bishop has been questioned regarding illegal online activity, including credit card and ID fraud. Nothing serious has stuck yet, though her activities have resulted in a few fines.


Minerva 'Neve' Bishop was born in Fort Worth to a prominent lawyer and his wife - both shifters. Roy Bishop worked for a law firm which, among other things, represented a few companies owned by the Fort Worth pack. The family was very well to do - enough so that when it was discovered that Neve had an IQ of 150, her father provided her with the best education money could buy. She went to a private school for the gifted and had a wealth of tutors. She also had top of the line computer equipment.

About the same time she began changing into the form of a cat for the first time, Neve discovered the world of hacking. While she could have used her gifts for anything, she preferred the thrill of creating and passing computer viruses or stealing credit card information from insecure sites. She made the news in July of 2000 when she was arrested for breaking into the server of a national bank and stealing $200,000. Luckily, one of her fathers collegues defended her and she managed to get off with house arrest and probation. One of the stipulations of her probation was that she not have access to a computer. This didn't stop Neve, though, who simply switched to using the PCs at school.

Sadly, her arrest and the FBI attention that it drew caused problems between her family and the local werewolves. Roy Bishop saw himself in danger of losing not only his anchor clientele but also his life. When he discovered that his now eighteen year old daughter had stolen credit card information off of a porn site, he threw her out and demanded she leave Fort Worth. She moved to Dallas where, luckily, her antics have slowed down to simple things like keylogging or spamming.

She dropped off the face of the earth for awhile - perhaps hiding somewhere to avoid the consequences of another of her stunts. But she's back now.

Character Details

Off the computer, Neve is a rather nice girl, though she tends to be aloof and can disappear for days on end. While she does attempt to make friends among local shifters, she rarely has any close friends or love interests - mostly because she often forgets to return phone calls or remember birthdays. While she may be genius in other ways, she fails as far as personal relationships go. Online, she is nothing short of a predator and what most consider to be scum. She's the one sending the emails saying you can lose 40 pounds without surgery or enhance your penis size overnight. She's also the one who hacks MMO accounts and sells social security numbers to people across the globe.

As far as the supernatural world. she is a bit on the disinterested side. She knows she has to befriend other shifters because there is safety in numbers. And she knows that she has to be respectful to werewolves, even if the respect isn't really felt. Most of all, she knows that she loves roaming the city as a cat. As for vampires, she is still unsure what she thinks on the subject. Really, she doesn't think much beyond her own shell enough to weigh the consequences of their going public. If nothing else, she sees a business opportunity. Vampires will want websites, won't they?


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