Nicholas Bishop
Fullname Nicholas Eli Bishop
Birthday February 29
Species Human
Age 37
Height ??
Weight ??
Eyes Deep brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Exotic Dancer

Claim to Fame

He's that guy. That skeevy guy. The one who is always seen around the male strip joints and the porn shops. He really does know how to shake his butt but he really is just creepy.


Life in Bridgeport is not very exciting, and even less so when one lives on a farm. That is exactly how Nicholas Bishop grew up. His parents, Jack and Diane, weren't exactly made of money. They made what they needed to survive, and most of that was thanks to the fact that they could grow their own food.

Nick was every bit a normal child growing up. There were no tragic events that struck his family, no sudden fortunes or anything overly exciting. He went to school, got decent grades and then would come home for housework. As he started to near puberty, his voice began to crack just like most boys. Being a farm boy in the country made it worse, however, and he was often times teased in school. This continued up until the time that he graduated.

All throughout high school there was that one girl for whom he always pined. Her name was Miki and she lived on a farm not too far away from his. They had a lot in common and actually became extremely close friends. She'd let him get close but never too close and he was always far too chicken to make any moves on her.

With graduation soon came college and the two were separated. Nick went to a local community college while Miki went to the big City. The first year was the first year, typical college party situations but nothing all that spectacular. Nick always was a pretty dull guy, even if he wasn't too bad on the eyes. When summer came Miki returned, full of spirit as always. She even brought with her two friends, Flora and Gabe. Everything seemed to be going so well. There was camping, a bonfire, and drinks. Gabe and Flora were getting closer, as was the plan, leaving Miki and Nick alone. Finally.

A rather drunken Miki decided that it was the perfect time to make out with Nick. It was amazing that after so long he could finally be so close to her. He was actually preparing to lose his virginity when she decided that sleep was the answer. The poor man was left frustrated but didn't hold judgment. He didn't even do so when he woke up alone. What really set him over the deep edge is when she told him that there's no way she would ever willingly do something like that with him. He was left broken hearted and frustrated as she returned to the city. With nowhere else to turn, Nick went with the next best option: porn.

Due to his lack of popularity even in college and his fear of being rejected, the man decided instead to stay with the one thing that hadn't left him down. Thus began his addiction to porn. He built quite the collection over the years as he lived with his parents. No one ever knew any different. Yet depression got to him, as it was bound to do, and his grades began to suffer. During his third year of college Nick failed out, leaving behind rather disappointed parents and quite the college debt.

Working on the farm and living with his parents was no way for him to actually get anywhere in life, or any way for Uncle Sam to get off his back about the money that was owed. Pulling together what money he could he packed up his belongings and moved to the city. Dallas. A place to land a real job and get ahead in life.

What Nick found waiting for him was the same thing that Bridgeport had to offer, only more of it. His insecurity and almost creepiness was easy to sense and so people stayed away from him. The only apartment he was able to get was missing a few things and had a rather high number of roaches. Still, it was at least some place to stay as he searched for a job. Sadly there wasn't much need for a farm boy in the big city, so he struggled to not have to move back in with his parents. The depression led him to a bar, the first place he could even find, and that is where he met Luanne. The woman listened to his story but most importantly looked at his body. So she gave him a job doing exactly what she wanted and needed: dancing.

It was a rocky start at first for Nick as he actually couldn't dance to save his life. It actually took years to perfect his game, yet he wasn't given up on. Mostly because he was dumb enough to keep trying and had a pretty nice body. During this time he would continually hit on the women he danced for, all of them drunk and wild. Still none of them would sleep with him, leaving him even more frustrated than he was with Miki. This made his porn collection grow, and his desire to watch it grew with it.

Life for Nick has been the same ever since, which is a pretty long time. There's nothing special about him at all, other than the fact that he's likely been in the business longer than anyone he knows and that he's well on his way to being the forty year old virgin. It isn't as if he hasn't actually had a few changes in the last few years, but every time he does he suffers performance anxiety. He continues to live in Dallas, his apartment only slightly better than what he originally moved into. His debt is paid off, however, and he's actually come to be happy with the crazy life he's chosen.

Character Details

Nicholas is a broken and defeated man. He does have confidence but it is all pretend, all part of the show while he dances mostly naked for horny women. His dream is to find a wonder woman, settle down and finally lose his virginity. Each day that passes without even the faintest glimmer of this happening causes him to fall deeper into depression. He constantly reminds himself that no woman has ever wanted to be with him and that he'll never be so lucky. This doesn't help with his performance anxiety. Due to his issues and his… issues, he has decidedly sworn against alcohol or any other drug. His growing need for sexual intercourse has led him to develop a rather strong porn addiction. Since no one ever visits him and he spends most of his time alone, most of his alone time is spend watching other people bump uglies. It actually helps him survive, looking forward to the day where he might actually get to bump uglies with someone else. Aside from his emotional issues, Nick is generally an okay guy. He'll help out people if he can; only going out of his way if it benefits him. He has the habit of becoming almost obsessed with random women, almost stalking them for short periods of time until his next obsession comes along. To make a long story short, he is a rather skeevy man.


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