Portrayed by Amanda Ghost
Fullname Nolcha Elena Vasquez Martinez
Birthday May 12th
Species Werewolf
Age 23
Height 5'4
Weight 115
Eyes Brown
Hair Coal Black
Occupation Singer

Claim to Fame

Works as a singer at the Grisly Bar


Nolcha was born in Nuevo Leon, Mexico to a Mexican mother and a Native American father, both pure blooded werewolves. They lived about thirty miles outside of Monterey, avoiding the major pulse of the city when they wished. She was one of five siblings and as such has always had a healthy respect for what a group can do when they put their minds to it. Aside from being a werewolf her life was achingly normal, family squabbles, childhood rebellion etc.

Shortly after her twelfth birthday the traits of her heritage starting popping up, not unexpectedly but still it was an emotional time for her. While not as much of a drama queen as some girls get to be she did have her moments and thankfully, even to herself, she grew out of them rather quickly. The summer after she turned fifteen her family moved to the United States, where her father was originally from. Their new home at the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo Reservation was comfortable and a place that she had no fear of being different in, for it was a place that their family fit in quiet well.

Years passed and she grew from awkward teenager to young adult, one trying to find her place within society as a whole. She had a great enjoyment for music and a voice that wasn't bad so her feet led her in that direction, from one garage band to another, until finally she found one that fit. Finally she decided it was time to spread her wings, first by going away to college to study music and follow her heart. While this didn't sit well with her parents she is stubborn as such people often are.

Now she has settled within the city of Dallas, attending classes during the day and singing wherever she can at night. Her band from years ago broke up, but she keeps looking for that perfect fit again. Of course she's had to seek approval from the leader of the area pack, but such things are expected and part of life when one is a werewolf.

Character Details

Nolcha for all her love of music and singing has the ability to focus on very little else, making up her mind about one thing or another often ends in split second decisions that she might very well regret later. She's got a kind heart for those that are down and out and will often spend her last bit of pocket money on it. Strangers and such earn the most politeness from her, her friends and family don't fare quite as well. It isn't because she doesn't love them, in fact it is because she's so comfortable with them that they are the center of her sarcastic wit and biting remarks.


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