Paige Carmondy Logan
Portrayed by Michelle Ryan
Fullname Paige Carmondy Logan
Birthday April 29, 1979
Species Witch
Alignment Neutral Good
Age 26
Height 5' 7"
Weight 135 lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Bloodtype B+
Occupation Paranormal Investigator

Claim to Fame

Although she's certainly not internationally or even nationally famous (yet!) by any means, occultists, dabblers, or just late night television watchers might recognize her as one of the paranormal 'researchers' featured on most episodes of Paranormal Investigations, a television show that chronicles the exploits of a small ragtag group of ghost hunters that travel, mainly around the southern United States, investigating cases of alleged hauntings, ghostly sightings, poltergeists, and other supernatural activity. Those who delve deeper might know that she occasionally does side work as a medium, though that's become more rare as her 'career' has picked up.


OOC Note
This is for OOC purposes only, please don't assume you know any of the information contained in Paige's biography unless you've discussed it with me in game first.

Character Details

The Outward Persona
Paige is gregarious, outgoing, the epitome of the television personality. She has a ready smile and a ready word for just about everyone. She's always willing to talk about her 'research' and she's the mistress of the hard sell, though she usually avoids being the first one to bring up the topic in conversation. To anyone looking in from the outside, she seems to believe in what she's doing, and why shouldn't she? I mean, if it's reality TV it must be real, right? She doesn't try to play the mysterious woman with magical powers card at all, and indeed, will normally go out of her way to avoid helping anyone do any 'amateur ghost hunting', reserving that for the show. She tries to avoid any sort of activity which might make people suspicious or inclined to look deeper into her background. She seems to be fairly neutral when it comes to all other supernatural creatures.
The Inner Persona
Paige is a fighter, a protector. And whatever it is she does, she does to protect the people around her, whether they know she's doing it or not. It may seem that she's malicious, when she perpetrates a 'hoax' for the camera and allows both the team and the people watching to believe that it's real, but she does it because she knows that what really is out there is too dangerous for most people to handle. She's content to have people think she's a kook or a bit of an oddball, if it keeps them from stepping into anything truly dangerous. The downside to all of it is that it usually means she's a bit of an outsider. Normals either think she's off or are only interested in trying to get her to 'do some magic', other witches tend to think she's a charlatan, or refuse to accept that what she's doing is actually for the good. All the traveling and the production schedule of the show doesn't exactly help her out in the close personal relationship department either. When you factor in the effects that her spellcasting and her ecstasy use while she's 'on the job', friendships tend to suffer, and dating fares even worse. Nobody likes someone that falls almost off the grid for months at a time.


Name Relation Notes
Skylar Murphy Friend He's the new blacksmith at the Heritage Village, and he owns Sky Blades. Great with kids, and a wonderful teacher. We couldn't be more different, and yet, we do seem to have quite a bit in common. Blacksmithing and Swordfighting lessons are in the pipeline.
Desiree DeVilliers Friend I met Desiree though Oliver Marcos. She seems like quite a nice woman, though I am concerned about some of the things that might come out of her mouth when she's intoxicated. I'm even more concerned about the things she says when she's sober.
Hugo Bosch Ward I don't even know where to begin with him. I mean, I'm pretty sure he doesn't even like me. We're like fire and ice, complete polar opposites. But I laid claim to him to protect him from the Egyptian, and I would die before I let that dead bastard get his hands on Hugo again.
Steve Acquaintance Met him briefly at Absinthe, on my trek with Mr. Panda.
Hyde Blakeley Acquaintance Hyde and I sort of met over a shooting and a black dog/wolf sighting in West Dallas. I'm not sure what to make of him, but he certainly knows the meaning of the phrase 'shoot first, as questions later.'
Sophie In Passing I think she might want to take Mr. Panda home. I never knew bears could be so popular.


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Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
The Favour July 1, 2010 July 1, 2005 Michael pays a visit to Paige, looking for information on the attack. He gets the information, and a request for his trouble.
A Friend in Need July 1, 2010 July 1, 2005 At Skylar's request, Quinn checks in on Paige at the hospital. The two witches find more common ground than expected. Not good. Not good at all.
Go-Between July 2, 2010 July 2, 2005 Chloe pays a visit to Paige, to confirm her suspicions about the vampire responsible for the attack.
Ennui July 4, 2010 July 4, 2005 Voodoo Tattoo. Paige is having a tantrum of sorts. Thankfully, Jed has the patience of a saint.
The Ladies Who Lunch July 5, 2010 July 5, 2005 Paige is out of the hospital. She heads over to Desiree's for lunch.
The Whip and The Witch July 7, 2010 July 7, 2005 Marius and Paige face off, sort of, over Hugo's comatose body.

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