Portrayed by SERINDA SWAN
Fullname Pasha Grace Ramirez
Birthday 03.13.1984
Species Werewolf
Age 26
Height 5' 6"
Weight 112 lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Occupation Cowgirl/Rancher

Claim to Fame

The pretty face and wild spirit seen at the tourist ranch just outside the city.


So, you want to know about life as a werewolf? It starts out normal - for me, that was running 'round the fields, chasing the ducks and later helping Dad herd the cattle. You know, weekend trail rides and watching barrel racing contests. Campfires. Tearing ass off into the woods to build forts. You know, I used to think that was why they never had any other kids - They had their hands full with me. Now I know better - any other siblings would have been the 'freaks' of the family. The only oddity in my youth was the babysitter scheduled like clockwork so Mom and Pop could have their evening out once a month. Beyond that, I wasn't aloud out after dark - which was fine by me, I could hear the wolves howling outside on the ranch lands.

Then comes puberty. Like being a girl isn't hard enough, right? At first I thought I was going crazy, you know? PMS makes the moodswings I was having look like squat, I tell you. Angry at the drop of a hat, feeling like I could crawl out of my skin and maul that other bimbo for picking on my clothes. I didn't realize how true that was. Not until Ma had 'The Talk' with me. Boy, did I have a lot to learn. My parents we're good about it, though - I mean, it's natural, right? I learned about the 'Other Family' - The Muea Tseena Pack. I was not alone, not like some Weres, I'm sure. But, it's still a secret. Our secret. And, all the better for us. Not like the Vamps. Ugh. Don't get me started on those weird, pulse-less leeches.

Anyway, now I'm me - all grown up. Pasha Ramirez. Beyond being a werewolf, I'm your normal girl, I guess. I help Ma and Pa with the Ranch, when they aren't grumbling at me about my habits, with every hope that its lands will one day be mine. Bubba, my horse, and I take to the trails when the full moon doesn't have me itching to run on my own four legs. Dallas too is like a moon itself - I spend too much time in the city as far as Mom and Dad are concerned. What can I say? I love the ranch, I love the pack, but I'm itching for something more - something… exciting. I know there is more out there for me.

Character Details

Life! Can't you feel it?! Like electricity in your veins. For me, it's like a constant hum fueling spontaneity. I bet you those lecherous Vampires don't feel that. Flippin' bloodsuckers. What were they thinking going public? Greedy, lifeless freaks trying to get us all killed, if you ask me.

Anyway, I'm quite content leaving them to their own ends so long as they don't cross me wrong - I'm happy spending my time at the ranch, riding the horses and chuckling as the tourists ogle over Big Ben, the large bull penned up in the back. I'm strong.Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit of a hothead, but I'm a bit of a lover, too. Emotional all around, you know, it's part of living the life. Beyond that, I explore Dallas, looking for my calling outside the farmlands. Something's there, I know it.


Name Race Relation Notes
Eva Ramirez Werewolf Mother Disapproves of her daughters wild spirit, but loves her all the same.
Javier Ramirez Werewolf Father Taught her everything she knows about horses and the ranch.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date Quick Description
Whiskey Friends 03/21/05 Pasha meets Abbey in looking to get her dirtbike fixed.

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