Penny Garnez
Portrayed by Penelope Cruz
Fullname Penelope Garnez
Birthday January 7
Species Human
Age 30
Height 5'5"
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Dallas PD Detective

Claim to Fame

Rumor around the police station is that the newest Detective is just back from rehab after several years spent in deep cover for the DEA in Ciudad Juarez, the city with the highest murder rate in the world (outside of a declared warzone). It was her testimony that put one of the biggest drug runners behind bars for the rest of his life, and for some reason, after rehab, she decided to join the Dallas PD instead of going back to the DEA. It's not for the money, that's for sure - the Feds will be taking care of her for the rest of her life.


Penny Garnez was the daughter of an illegal immigrant, and was sent to a series of foster homes as a child. There are quite a few dark stories to tell, but you're more likely to get her to talk about the best one - Joey Foster. A retired cop in Los Angeles, Joey raised Penny past her 18th birthday, helped put her through UCLA and encouraged her to seek a career in law enforcement, which she did.

After becoming a citizen and joining the DEA, Penny worked for several years in Houston before she was slated for an undercover assignment in Ciudad Juarez, the most deadly non-warzone city in the entire world. Taking the name 'Mia', she moved down there and began her life as an undercover.

There's plenty of rumors for law-enforcement types about what happened while she was undercover. Some say she was raped. Others say she killed fourteen people. But almost all of them end four years later, with Penny testifying against one of the most powerful Mexican drug cartels and sending their boss behind bars just before she dissapeared for seven months for some very obscure rehab in Florida.

She moved to Dallas just after she got out of rehab and took an early retirement offer from the DEA. Why is anyone's guess.

Character Details

Penny is trying to sift back into her personality after four years in deep cover as a very very bad person. She still believes in her job and what she does, because it's right and because it's challenging and rewarding. She's trying to take back as much time as she can, considering all the time that was lost, and as a result she often seeks out the bright side of things. But don't be fooled - she can't help but notice the darker side now, and she has become accustomed to being constnatly alert - always finding the exits in a room, taking note of everyone who walks into a resteraunt where she's eating, etc. She loves to laugh - it's almost as though she missed it, those four years, and she'll take any opportunity to do so - even if it's at the expense of a slightly morbid joke.


Name Race Relation Notes
James Young Not known Co-Worker Threat: Minimal - By all appearances, a strong and capable cop. Becuase he's one of those in blue, he's not considered a threat. He's a good guy.
Michael Isonzo Vampire Neighbor Threat: Severe - A vampire who helped Penny move into her apartment. She shouldn't have invited him in, but she did - guilt wouldn't let her say no. If he ever finds out about her past, however, he might do her some serious harm - as any other vampire might.

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