Fullname Prudence Felicia Foster
Birthday October 29
Species Human
Age 32
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs.
Eyes Pale Blue
Hair Honey Blond
Occupation Nurse/Soldier
Faction Fellowship of the Sun

Claim to Fame

Army nurse, hospital nurse, and single mom. Her life is hectic and busy. Outside of work, taking care of her daughter and attending church she hasn't got a lot of time.


Character Details

Prudence is a very helpful individual, and single mother. She is very protective of her child and tends to go off the deep end if anyone threatens the baby. She has a great deal of compassion for humankind, going out of her way to help those who may be injured and need help.

She absolutely abhors vampires for two reasons. The first, because they wound up killing her daughter's father, and because her flaky mother became one.

She is absolutely brainwashed by the Fellowship of the Sun, and would give her own life to protect any of the members within it. She has a unique set of honor that she abides by which states she is to leave no man behind; even if it puts herself at risk.

She has a great sense of community — when it comes to human community. Otherwise she will not be bothered.


Name Relation Species Notes
"Violet Skye" Mother Vampire Whatever name Violet was born with, she's not gone by it since the 60's. Violet and Prudence had a great relationship… before Pru knew any better. Now that Violet is a vampire, Pru will have nothing to do with her whatsoever.
Dylan Foster Father Human They have a decent relationship. Not entirely close, but they keep each other apprised of what is going on in one another's life.
Doyle Whitter Lover (D) Human Father of her child. Pru would have married Doyle, had he finished his tour of duty alive. She never had a chance to tell him about Grace, something which she will regret the remainder of her life.
Grace Foster Daughter Human Grace is not even two years of age yet, and is Prudence's entire reason for joining the Fellowship. To keep her daughter safe from Violet.

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