Quinn Niveus
Portrayed by BRIDGET REGAN
Fullname Quinn Niveus
Birthday December 31
Species Witch
Age 26
Height 5'11"
Weight 160lbs.
Eyes Light Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Professor at SMU

Claim to Fame

Those familiar with the Niveus coven may recognize her as the crazy, isolated one who has shunned almost all types of supernatural beings. To the rest she is simply the newest addition to the staff at SMU and apparently fascinated with Mythology.


Character Details

The best way to describe Quinn is to call her a loner. She's always been content to be on her own, relying on others more to be normal than anything else. On the flip side of this she is excessively loyal to her family. She may not wish to associate with them on a regular basis but would give her life to save any of them in a moment's notice. Quinn is well read especially when it comes to all points Mythology. Some would call it obsession, really. Despite her desire to be alone she is not inward or shy in the least bit; in fact, she's almost overly confident. This may not always be projected when dealing with the general public but it certainly is around her family. It isn't to say that there aren't softer sides of the woman but she sure does do her best to make sure that no one ever sees them. Her determination to be the glimmer of hope and light in a world so corrupted by darkness gives her the strength to go on no matter what, even if it means that she should be alone.


Name Race Relation Notes
Joshua Campbell Witch Father She considers him to be the reason that her family is alive. They're close even if she did end up moving away.
Jessica Niveus Campbell Witch Mother Born into the Niveus coven. They have a good relationship even if Quinn is closer to her father.
Ashton Niveus McCullough Witch Cousin Her family was murdered by the evil Umbra. Quinn has never met Ashton and only recently has even heard that she is alive.
Samantha Niveus Witch Cousin Member of the Niveus coven. Quinn has never officially met Samantha but has heard of her and seen pictures.
Scarlett Fontane Witch Former Rival? Member of the Umbra family, but not the coven. Strong headed woman. Could possibly be a friend. Can the past be put behind us? She's a good place to start.
Ivan Fontane Witch Jerk Ran into him and tried to avoid him. He really is an egotistical jerk. All the same, I promised to try and let things go between our families…
Chloe Cornett Psychic Pest She once gave advice, but really just needs to stay out of my head. Her interest in Smallville is worrisome.
Skylar Murphy Human Smallville Too small town. Too nice and ready to accept people/things. Okay to talk to, but even better to try and get weapons from. Kinda cute for a small town guy, though. The leather braces make a statement. Quite possibly the only friend I have, and leaves me wanting more.
Michael Isonzo Vampire Enemy Sarcastic vampire who thinks that there's a chance he can convince others that vampires can be good. I should have staked him while I had the chance.
Marius Schlachter Vampire Creepy Associates with the psychic. I have suspicions on this one but nothing to back them up.
Paige Logan Witch Friend's Girlfriend Fairly certain that she's Smallville's girlfriend. She's a witch. Hopefully she doesn't try to mess with his mind.
Desiree DeVilliers Human Walking Target Who goes around announcing that they associate with a vampire over fourteen hundred years old? She's going to get herself killed.

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