Portrayed by Kate Beckinsale
Fullname Rachel Anne McKendrick
Birthday July 26, 1970
Species Psychic
Age 34
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Occupation Psychologist/FBI Profiler

Claim to Fame

Investigative psychologist and criminal profiler, known to consult with various law enforcement agencies across the country.


Character Details

Rachel is a highly focused individual. She's also highly observant and highly analytical. Add those three traits to her natural creativity and ability to think out-side-the-box, and it's no wonder she's in the occupation she's is. She can be casual, even relaxed, on occasion — usually when music's involved. But she never really stops watching, thinking, absorbing, and analyzing. In fact, she often doesn't even realize she's doing it, it's so much a part of her nature.

That said, she's seen too much in her job to ever really be entirely open with anyone she doesn't know exceedingly well. She often plays things pretty close to the chest and is extremely precise in what she says and how she says it. It takes her quite a while to really trust people well enough to truly call them friends. She can sometimes be a bit of a chameleon, tailoring her presentation to suit her audience… all without outright lying or even stretching the truth. It's just a matter of semantics and composition, after all.

In spite of all that, Rachel's one of the Good Guys. She believes in Truth, Justice, and the due process of Law, despite the fact she's seen them thwarted as often as she's seen them upheld. She believes in the principle of Good over Evil, despite the fact she comes face to face with Evil time and time again and has seen firsthand that Good doesn't always triumph in the end. It's not youthful delusion, or misplaced optimism. It's simply that, in order to do what she does, she has to believe that the majority of people out there are basically good and decent human beings with the desire to help one another, and that the scum she profiles are the exceptions to the rule — the few bad apples that need to be removed from the bushel before they rot all the rest. In other words, she needs to have a pretty strong protective streak to make what she does worthwhile… and she does.


Name Race Relation Notes
Elizabeth "Liz" McKendrick Psychic Mother NPC. Rachel is very close to her mother, who has a chronic illness that caused her to move down to Dallas. In fact, Rae moved from NY to TX specifically so she could be closer to her mother, to help her, if she needs.
James McKendrick Human Father Deceased. Died when Rachel was in her late-teens.
Owen Matthews Human Ex-husband NPC (Potentially adoptable.) Still back in NY, far as she knows. The bastard cheated on her. She knows this. She saw it. The divorce was finalized April 13, 2005.
Chloe Cornett Psychic Acquaintance Rachel met her at the Aquarium shortly after arriving in Dallas.
Josephine van den Bosch Psychic Acquaintance Rachel ran into her once in Koreatown… and was smacked by a mini VOID as a result.
Oliver Marcos Psychic Acquaintance Rachel met Oliver at the same time she did Josephine, and hasn't seen him since.
Todd Landers Human Acquaintance Rachel met Todd at the same time she did Josephine. Fortunately, given the man's memory problems, he'll probably never remember it.
Hope Tyler Human Acquaintance Deciding to drop into the Fellowship of the Sun to get a feel for the place, Rachel met their poster girl… and ended up with a serious VOID she still doesn't quite know how to deal with.
Michael Isonzo Vampire Acquaintance Only met him once, but he gave Rachel an interesting insight into vampires.
Professor Quinn Niveus Witch Acquaintance/Contact Met her in a dark alley one night. Woman knows a lot about things that go bump in the night.
David Trudeau Human Acquaintance Rachel met him at the precinct when he came to give a lecture on the West Nile virus. Nice guy.


Personal Journal: Visions of Impending Doom

Open Mic Night July 30, 2005 July 31, 2010 Rachel unexpectedly bumps into the fish girl from the Aquarium and the epidemiologist from the CDC at Open Mic Night at the Bass Clef.

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