Portrayed by Hannah Spearritt
Fullname Ramona Jean Krinov Vogel
Birthday March 8
Species Vampire
Age 23 - apparent
Height 5'9"
Weight 130lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Platinum Blonde
Power None
Parents Unknown
Siblings Elisa, 61
Occupation Bass player / actress / something

Claim to Fame

Best known for her time spent as a bass player for vampire rock band Crimson Delirium from about 2001-2003, Ramona has been featured in various tabloids before, though she's never been a household name. She's been hanging around Dallas in search of one of the lost members of her nest.


Character Details

Ramona is defined mostly by her need for attention – preferably, the adoring kind, but any kind of attention will do. Many issues in her life and unlife have made her this way: the need for attention as a child, her failed dream to sing, and the devastating abandonment she roughed right after she was turned. Fear of rejection and fear of fading into the background spurs most of her stunts.

That being said, she is often perceived as overdramatic and obnoxious. Silence is not her specialty; she speaks her mind and does not care whom she offends, which often gets her into trouble. Trouble, however, is something she goes looking for – it gets her attention. When she was in the band, she was a public relations nightmare, finding herself in tabloids for offensive quotes and dubious “relationships.”

She prefers extremes, especially when it comes to relationships. If it is apparent someone does not adore her, then they are an enemy – she does not hold neutral opinions. Her opinions are formed rashly and rarely change. She keeps few close allies, but that she does consider friends are treated a notch above the rest, as if they gained a special privilege.

Ramona is also extremely self-serving, which has made her into a particularly dangerous predator, and not always a very loyal ally. In the face of danger she WILL choose herself instead of somebody else. Other peoples’ feelings do not matter to her, human or vampire (or otherwise). She sometimes claims to have no feelings of her own, save for anger (which shows itself frequently) and hatred. Ramona tries to be a “hard” person. She doesn’t hug as a rule, and extends physical affection to very few, and when she does, mostly for her own pleasure or comfort.

Beneath her glamorous and “tough” persona, there is a desperation to Ramona. She needs to feel wanted, she needs to feel in control – it helps her to numb out very distant memories of her sister – her one living linkage to her past life, a life that she’d be extremely hard-pressed to admit she misses at times.


Name Relation Notes
Elisa Vogel (NPC) Sister Ramona's living sister, who is now in her 60s. They have no relationship to speak of, though undoubtedly the human woman didn't miss the fact that her sister never quite passed the age of 23.


  • "We Made You" - Eminem
  • "Paparazzi" - Lady GaGa
  • "Psycho" - Puddle of Mudd
  • "I Hate Everything About You" - Three Days Grace

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