Portrayed by Eowyn
Fullname Raven Jessica Graves
Birthday September 21
Species Psychic
Age 29
Height 5'6"
Weight 123lbs
Eyes Black
Hair Black and Blonde
Occupation Bartender

Claim to Fame

Raven is a popular bartender working at Holy Water, a posh bar in Deep Ellum with a strong anti-vampire policy.


Born in Helena, AR to a young doctor and his wife, Raven is an only child. Her parents doted on their dark haired little girl from the day she was born, becoming worried when she didn't start talking until she was three. When she did start talking, it was in full sentences with hardly any baby talk. Her favorite thing to do was go with her aunts and uncles to drag Cherry Street on Friday and Saturday nights. When she was seven years old, she had her first vision: She saw her father standing on the driveway of their Arkansas home waving sadly as she watched from the back window of her mother's car. When she told her parents about what she saw, they waved off her concern, but, less than a year later, they were divorced and she and her mother moved to Dallas to live with her mother's new boyfriend. Raven blamed herself for sharing what she'd seen and vowed to never tell her parents about anything else that she saw.

Raven, called Ray by the man that would become just the first of a string of step-fathers, was content with her new life for the most part; living with her mother and her man of the moment for most of the year and spending most holidays and summers with her father. Her mother had a hard time with relationships and ended up getting married and divorced another five times before she just stopped getting married.

A year after her parents' divorce, Raven's father remarried and her new step-mother gave birth to a little girl about a year later. She hated the way the the little girl would follow her around every minute of the day when she got big enough. Raven was irritated to no end by her little sister. She couldn't understand why her father felt the need to replace her and her mother with a new family and always felt on the outside when she would go visit.

When Raven was twelve, her mother decided to go back to college and finish up the degree that she had abandoned when her daughter was born, but that too was abandoned within a year. At fifteen, Raven started suffering headaches when she would touch certain items. The headaches were accompanied by visions, usually random, sometimes frightening, things that she couldn't make heads or tails of, though she would sometimes see things that she knew right away what they meant. She never knew what would trigger a headache, even experiencing one or two that didn't seem to have any kind of trigger.

Raven stopped traveling to visit her father when she was seventeen, no longer able to bear the risk of coming across something that would trigger a headache and the accompanying visions. She always felt guilty for abandoning her father and that half of the family, but she just didn't want to risk brushing up against some stranger in a rest stop, or touching a door nob somewhere and getting another almost crippling headache. She dropped out of high school that same year, instead studying for the GED and passing it just before her eighteenth birthday. Her mother finally insisted on having her checked into the hospital that year to make sure that the headaches weren't anything to be worried about and she stayed at Baylor for well over a month before they decided that they were just migraines and sent her home with a prescription to take when they start.

Life coasted for a few years for Raven. She was still living at home and taking online courses for business management, but not really satisfied with what she saw her future as. She would still have visions, mostly of disgusting or horrifying images, on occasion, but nothing that usually made any sense. When she was twenty-three, she finished all of her classes and got her degree, but couldn't see herself working in the field, so decided to go back to school and actually brave the real world. She took a course in bartending and found that she enjoyed it, even her visions usually seemed a little more pleasant now that she had a goal for her future. She got a job at a bar in Deep Ellum less than a month after the course ended and has been slinging drinks ever since, becoming quite popular with her customers.

Being around alcohol all day, everyday, Raven started drinking. It started with just a drink or two after work with fellow employees, but, when she discovered that it dulled the impact of her visions, she started drinking on her own. Now, she goes through a bottle of whiskey in a weekend and is rarely sober.

Character Details

Raven is often depressed due to the unsettling nature of the visions that she usually has. She tries to keep them at bay by using alcohol and occasionally drugs, though usually all that does is make her better able to forget whatever it is that she sees. She has always believed in the possibility of the existence of the supernatural, simply because she always loved vampire stories and other stories of myth and magic when she was growing up, so was not totally surprised when vampires 'came out'. She believes that her visions are nothing more than the byproduct of an overactive imagination combined with chronic migraines.

She regrets her decision to distance herself from her father's half of the family and tries to cling to the friendships she now has to make up for it. She cares deeply for her mother, but resents her for taking her away from her father when she was young. She is often bitter about the way her life has turned out when she is either drunk or high, but is content with her chosen path the rest of the time. She has few close friends, preferring to keep people at arm's length so that their pain won't bleed into her visions. At her core, she is a very caring person, feeling that she should be able to help people that are hurting or in need. Is is the type of person that most people seem to find easy to talk to. Someone that complete strangers can tell their troubles to.


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Big Tipper February 8, 2005 February 8, 2010 Mischa stops off at a bar on his way home and meets Raven the waitress.

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