Portrayed by JASON DOHRING
Fullname Robert 'Bobby' Cornett
Birthday July 20
Species Witch (T)
Age 25
Height 6'0"
Weight 175lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Red
Occupation Bouncer

Claim to Fame

Due to his decent fighting skills and good looks, Robert has become well known as one of the hottest bouncers in Dallas. He's gotten quite a bit of female attention due to this but tends to ignore it all. He simply isn't interested.


Early life for Robert was about as text book as it could get. He was the first born child to parents Laura and Charles. Being the first, and the oldest by at least three years, he received quite a bit of attention as he grew. He was given only the best that he possibly could get since his parents wanted to prove that they were good at raising children.

Unfortunately for Robert, he was the only boy. Despite the lack of brothers, he did play nice and get along well with his two younger sisters. Mellie was the youngest and therefore the most annoying to him. Chloe, however, was the middle sister and much more tolerable. She always seemed to play and talk to him, most likely due to middle child syndrome. She even nicknamed him Bobby.

Since he was the only boy and his parents were trying so hard, Bobby was brought up with a pigskin. He started in little-league football and continued from there, practicing hard to please his family. Not that he was dumb, but football seemed to be the only real thing that he felt that he was good at. When he wasn't in school he was usually seen doing something related to the sport.

Despite the dedication to the sport, he never forgot his family. Chloe seemed to be going through a rough time - something that he never failed to notice. In fact, he very likely was the only one that actually did notice that something wasn't quite right. When it finally came to her being institutionalized, he made a point to visit her as often as he was allowed.

By the time Bobby was a senior in high school, he was the captain of the football team. The team won State and he was given a scholarship based on his abilities. He was the guy that every girl wanted to date, but he just never realized it. It isn't that he wasn't interested at all, but he had other things in life that were more important to him. Besides, friendship should always come first. Even with his busy schedules he tried to be around for his sisters, especially Chloe.

During the first practice, right as his freshman year of college started, Bobby suffered a horrible injury on the field. While walking and general life were not going to be altered, the doctors said that the injury to his knee would never allow him to play football again. Without the scholarship he had to drop out of college. He would have done so even if he could afford to stay. Football was his life and he suddenly found himself quite lost.

The friend of a friend of a friend introduced him to religion, hoping that it would give him something to fill the void left by football. Through several chance meetings, Bobby soon found himself wandering into a meeting for the Fellowship of the Sun. While he had never actually entertained any opinions about the subject, he quickly found that he believed in what they were saying. He may not be able to play football any longer but he vowed that he would do what he could to keep others safe.

Taking a job that he thought best fit this role, Bobby soon found himself as a bouncer. His strength and athleticism gave him the tools he needed to be good at his job, and the position gave him the ability to save victims from the evil vampires that stalked the bars. His popularity in high school and ability to be charming only served to aid him in his job as he became quite popular once more.

Bobby still continues to bounce to this very day, using it as a way to save innocents from creatures of the night. He primarily keeps to himself even though he could be social if he wanted to. His best friend is Chloe at the moment, as he continues to keep an eye on her. He realizes that something is going on but he's not quite sure what.

Character Details

Despite the stereotypes of most football players, Bobby is quite the caring and compassionate person. This came out even more after he found religion and the FotS. He's not interested in people for material things, or even for their looks. It doesn't mean that he doesn't appreciate beauty where it can be found, but he simply appreciates life in general. He's been introduced to the horrors created by vampires and other such creatures and has vowed to risk his life to protect innocents from them. Basically he just imagined what would happen if someone hurt one of his sisters and he used that as ambition to begin his fight. Due to living in a house full of women, Robert has learned to be quite charming and sincere when he needs to be. This is usually at all times, but more so when he feels the need is there. As soft as he can be, a whole different side emerges from him when he needs to actually protect someone. He is brutal in a fight, for someone of normal strength, and carries the benefit of not fearing harm while protecting another.


Name Race Relation Notes
Chloe Psychic Sister Younger sister and sweet woman. Now known to be psychic. She's gone astray due to family issues and he misses her horribly.
Mellie Human Sister Youngest sister and annoying pest. Now his tenant. Time will tell if he'll be able to keep her interest.
Laura Human Mother The one and only mother. Turned into a werewolf due to an attack by an 'unknown' shifter.
Charles Human Father He taught Robert to play ball and hasn't spoken to him since the injury. Died in an attack by an 'unknown' shifter.
Hope Human Wife Friend, fellow FotS and now wife. He broke her heart but their love managed to resist all odds. Despite the secrets he may have he will do anything he can to keep her happy.
Rose Human ???? Sister of Hope. Only met her once and her crazy is enough to keep him away.
Ivan Witch Douche/Really Nice Guy On a different planet or at a different time, they might have been able to be friends. Not going to happen now.
Scarlett Witch Teacher/Temptress She's not at all graceful and needs to learn how to land a punch. Easy on the eyes, great to kiss and potentially a world full of trouble.


Title Theme/Dedication Lyrics
Hoobastank - The Reason Hope "I'm sorry that I hurt you, it's something I must live with every day. And all the pain I put you through, I wish that I could take it all away, and be the one who catches all your tears…"
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late Hope "Even if I say it'll be alright. Still I hear you say you want to end your life. Now and again we try to just stay alive. Maybe we'll turn it around 'cause it's not too late. It's never too late."

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