Portrayed by CHYLER LEIGH
Fullname Veronica Robin Potts
Place of Birth Toronto, ON CANADA
Birthday January 1, 1970
Species Vampire
Age 35
Death Age 18
Height 5'6"
Weight 118 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown/Blonde
Bloodtype V
Occupation 80's Punker

Claim to Fame

In life, Ronnie was known as a one-hit wonder mall pop-star in Canada. In death, she's known as the crazy vampire who can't seem to grasp the year, and only eats bunnies.


Character Details

Ronnie is a bad turn — that's to say that she's not quite right in the head, and no matter what people tell her, she still believes it to be 1985. As long as people don't ask her to sing, or ask her about current events, she's fine. She's sometimes prone to violence if people get really adamant with her that it's not the 80's.

As someone who think's it's the 80's, she has a tendency to use 80's terms and talk like a Valley Girl. She absolutely LOVES 80's style and thinks it's rad. If anyone tries to dress her differently, she throws a tantrum.

She hates humans — at least to eat. She'll drink TrueBlood now that it's available, but she still prefers bunnies. Because she honestly believes that she's doing away with all the evil in the world by eating them. She can survive on a bunny or two a night, or just live with a bottle or two of the TrueBlood.

The AVL and other supernaturals don't bother her. Some are nice, and some aren't. Some try to get her to understand that she's not living in 1985, and she generally tries to bite these people or throw leg warmers at them. Otherwise, if anyone can stand to be in her presence for more than a short while, they'll realize that she's a great young person, trapped forever in a youthful mind.


Name Race Relation Notes
Wil Wheaton Vampire Guy she's been schluffed off on. King Wil Wheaton is kind'a cool, but totally hates being called "dude". Takes away MTV when I slip up and forget.
Devo Vampire Big scary dude. Met him. Heard stories about his total meanness.
Icy Woman Vampire Icy woman. The Icy Woman is like, totally scary but totally awesome. She helped me out of a jam once.
Coco ??? Girl who helped her get rid of evil. Coco is totally awesome. She gave me real rollerskates!
Babe-o-rama Non-human Guy she's got a weird crush on, and has now claimed (sorta). Corey is like, a totally hot guy. He's not a bunny, which makes him the bestest thing in the world!
Mr. Corey's Brother Non-human Crush's brother. Mr. Corey's Brother is like, totally fun to talk to. He eats bunnies too!
Red Non-human Car-girl that can't skate. I totally don't know much 'bout Red, 'cept that she can't skate and works on cars or something. She seemed scared'a me.
Meanie Swampy Bully from gym. He like, lives at some hopeful house… only he's a big meanie-head, and totally said I was singing. LIAR!

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Physical August 24, 2010 August 24, 2005 Steve is just working out all on his lonesome, when a crazy 80s vampire makes a big spectacle of herself and needs to flee the scene of the crime!
Beat It August 25, 2010 August 25, 2005 Ronnie is totally dancing outside a certain estate, when Devo comes home and starts to question her. That's when Giacomo shows up.
I Don't Like Mondays August 30, 2010 August 29, 2005 Mr. Corey's Brother is relaxing in the park with 5-17. Until a crazy 80s vamp crashes in on the scene and nearly hits Kate Puppy. Ronnie leaves skate-less thanks to a stranger.

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