Rose Tyler
Portrayed by MILA KUNIS
Fullname Faith Rose Tyler
Birthday June 21
Species Human
Age 22
Height 5'6"
Weight 130 lbs.
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark Brown
Occupation Queen of Crazy

Claim to Fame

That girl on the news: Yup! Her name is actually one that has hit most households, whether or not they actually talk about her. She's escaped from a mental institution, been jumped, kidnapped, tortured and thought to be turned into a vampire. She either has the worst luck in the world or the best, depending on which side of the coin one looks at.


The only thing better than the blessing that the Tyler's' received with the birth of Faith is the fact that they counted themselves doubly blessed. Faith was born a twin; her sister's name being Hope. As with a good majority of those living in Alexandria, LA, the girls were raised with a good Christian background. This aided Faith and her sister to live a quiet, normal life. Childhood was completely normal for the twins, especially early on.

Character Details

There was a time when Faith was an extremely independent person. She was strong willed, stubborn and even described as cold. It was hard for her to get close to anyone other than those she truly trusted, but it was hard to trust without someone first winning over the trust of her twin. In some ways, Faith (now Rose) is still the same way. She longs to be completely independent some day. Although in the care of a psychiatric institution, Rose does as much for herself as she possibly can. Compared to the others around her, she's strong and brave, especially as she's so willing to remember her past and jump back into life.


Name Race Relation Notes
Hope Tyler Human Twin Sister Doppelganger. Not a terrorist. She's the best friend in the world and has been with Faith through thick and thin. They've grown distant since Faith's memories have returned, but they're still twins. Will Hope still stand by whenever she realizes Faith's current situation?
Wit Human Friend/Employer Guy with lots of tattoos and good gum. He's cute. A drug addict. Got Faith high once. He goes missing on a regular basis.
Michael Isonzo Vampire Ex-Friend? She now knows that she's no longer under his protection. That's likely why he didn't save her. Is he really a nice guy or does he have his own agendas?
Hiro Vampire Nightmare He saved her from Green Oaks and apparently got justice for her past. He had a taste of her, and a taste for her. In more ways than one. She's not seen him since that horrible night but he is presumed to be deceased.
Ivan Fontane Human Fiance? He hated her when they first met, being the one to find her after a bad experience with Green Oaks. Through the need to work with her, the two became close, and eventually became a couple. Most people disapprove since she's crazy. Currently he's unsure of the engagement due to Tripp.
Will Grant Vampire Sheriff He was scary at first but now is just intimidating. She broke her wrist by accidentally attempting to stab him, and he nearly died saving her. Being indebted to a vampire is hard but she is.
Josephine Something or Other Psychic Mean-lady Thanks to Jo, Rose has learned what a coffee shower is like. Will Rose actually meet back up with her? That depends on what others do to her.
Mean Lady Vampire Scary The new Sheriff of Dallas. She threatened Faith at first and has since offered 'assistance' to the girl through deal made with Ivan. Faith doesn't trust her but knows that she owes her.
Tripp Reynolds Vampire Complicated Childhood friend turned mental breakdown and dead turned vampire. Having him survive is about as tough as when he died. There are feelings for him, but he's a vampire, and she's spoken for. Hope doesn't carry the same love these days.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
The Proposal: Take 2 June 12, 2005 June 12, 2010 Ivan's cunning usage of Puck gives Faith a night she won't forget.
Here Comes the Brides June 13, 2005 June 13, 2010 Along with her twin, a wedding is planned and Ivan is kept in the dark.
Claiming and Confessions June 17,2005 June 17, 2010 Board game night turns into something much deeper when her protector speaks his mind.
Uncomfortable Confessions June 18, 2005 June 17, 2010 Faith comes home to Ivan after a rather illuminating night out.
A Step Taken June 22, 2010 June 22, 2005 The vacation in Cabo is interrupted as Faith is located by her protector.

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