Portrayed by Noomi Rapace
Fullname Rosemary Lanier
Birthday February 16th
Species Shifter
Age 23
Height 5'1"
Weight 105 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Black and Blue
Occupation Struggling Musician

Claim to Fame

In the grand scheme of things, little to nothing. Punk fanatics may recognize her name or image from a string of failed bands in Austin and Dallas, playing bass, drums, and occasionally singing for Bees!, Fail Better, and Off of Bridges Into Gorges. She doesn't admit to that last one.


Daisy Lanier was a second generation hippie, and after high school she said her tearful goodbyes and bought a VW van and hit the road. First stop: Woodstock. Quite a few years and VW vans later, she settled in Terlingua. A little out of the way town where she could establish some kind of normalcy. The fact that she had fallen head over heels for Randall, a resident of said little town, didn't hurt in the least. They never got married, and so Randall Jr, their first son, and Rosemary, their first daughter, both took her last name. They were twins, and Rosemary was a few moments earlier than Randall, but Daisy refused to tell them which was born first, not wanting to engender a competitive relationship.
A few short years after the children born, Randall Sr. went back to prison for grand theft auto and grievous bodily harm. With no parole in sight, Daisy packed her kids up in the trusty ol' van and started driving again. Growing up was understandably difficult. Daisy, kind soul though she was, did not quite understand the whole "child" thing. Oh, sure, they never wanted for food or shelter, but never did the children ever have any real friends, or any serious education, Daisy being a firm believer in the "school of hard knocks." Randall Jr. did his best to educate himself and his twin sister, he was always the "smart one," tracking down local libraries wherever the makeshift family roamed.
As soon as he turned fifteen, though, Randall was out, exploiting legal loopholes to get himself adopted by a family back in Terlingua for reasons of his own, and Rosemary, not surprisingly, was crushed. Without her father in her life, Randall was as close an analogue as she had, and that made it all the worse. They were practically inseparable, and suddenly at the age of 13 she was without her confidante, her protector, her only friend. It wasn't too much longer before she started acting out against her mother, running away, getting arrested, hiding in pot and alcohol and casual sex. It was during this time that a little talent her mother never warned her about started to manifest, and rather than bond over it, Rosemary kept it a secret, sneaking out of the van to shift and run free, for hours, or days, or weeks. They were in Arizona when it first happened, and that first change, into a snake, lasted almost three full days. When Child Protective Services stepped in, Daisy did a remarkable job of turning her life around. She sold the van, bought a house, got a job, and Rosemary started going to public school. She was 15 at the time, in Austin, Texas, and between a little stability and her new secret, she was able to at least keep things together to a certain degree. To be sure, Daisy was making an effort, and it almost wasn't enough. Rosemary kept pushing the boundaries, but despite run-ins with the law, she managed to graduate from high school at the almost reasonable age of 19.
Despite her natural urge to get as far away from her mother as possible, she went to college for a few years in Austin, where she met, among other people, one of the most significant figures in her life, a fellow classmate by the name of Lane. Well, not met, exactly, as they had both been born around the same time in Terlingua. It was only after a brief stint of dating that Rosemary realized that, in fact, she was not a lesbian, and their relationship metamorphosed from a pretty shaky romantic one to a rock-solid platonic one. In fact, Lane was the only thing keeping Rosemary from dropping out for the two years she was in college, but, finally, that simply wasn't enough, and she ran to the hopefully greener pastures of Dallas, to try and make her dream of musical success a reality.

Character Details

It would be wonderful if I could say that Rosemary is the bright, cheerful, well-adjusted girl that she longs to be. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. She doesn't hate everyone, in fact, she rather likes most people, but she hardly understands them. Her social skills are clearly lacking, and as such she usually comes across as cold, boring, or rude. Once people make it past that, they're likely to discover a caring, dedicated friend.
As for her true nature, well, that's a secret of hers. Just about nobody knows what she can do, much less her parents, who, presumably, have the same nature. She's a secretive person, it must be said. All the same, almost ten years after her first shift she's still excited about it, shifting as often as she can get away with it, reveling in the simple feeling of escape. As for vampires, well, Austin's the closest thing to a home Rosemary's ever had, and the liberal atmosphere rubbed off on her. Maybe she's not entirely comfortable around them, but she supports vampire rights to the hilt.


Name Race Relation Notes
Lane Shifter Ex-girlfriend turned best friend turned roommate. So much history she could write a book.

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