Portrayed by Odette Yustman
Fullname Samantha Morgan Niveus
Birthday August 4th
Species Witch
Age 22
Height 5'5"
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Golden Brown
Hair Long and Mahogany
Occupation Pre-Med Student/Waitress

Claim to Fame

A pre-med major at UTD with a dual minor in Latin and Botany, Samantha Niveus is a consumate scholar and frequent companion of Ashton McCullough. Those familiar with the magic community may very well know her as the eldest grandchild of Clarence Niveus, and a fairly potent witch in her own right.


Character Details

Often rumored to have the patience of a Saint, Samantha is frequently tolerant of most things. She does have her potential 'hot buttons' like anyone else and can have a vicious temper when those buttons are hit upon. However, most of the time she is content to wait things out.
Samantha appears to have been blessed with a natural aura of approachability. Charming to a fault, she has a tendency to draw people in just with her sheer presence. She is the epitome of the perfect hostess and non-discriminating to those she meets.
While not always the best judge of character, Samantha has the ability to cast loyalties to those who earn her respect. She does not give herself freely, but when she commits to someone or something, she commits fully and with every fiber of her being. There is nothing she wouldn't do for those she is loyal to, even at her own personal expense. Likewise, she has a sincere hatred of those who abandon their loyalties on a whim — often taking the time to address her displeasure with them directly in a most diplomatic manner.
As the oldest of Clarence's grandchildren, Samantha has always been the responsible one in the family. She is notorious for weighing the consequences of most of her chosen actions and tends to often times be the frequent voice of reason among her cousins and younger brother.
Samantha has always been a fiercely independent child much to her parents' frustrations. She is fairly self-reliant and sufficient in making her own way without the aid of her parents' finances. Though she comes from a fairly well-off family, she refuses to accept any financial assistance for her continued education.
Whether a belief, feeling, or simply the way she conducts her daily affairs - Samantha is a passionate woman. She pours herself into everything she does with a vibrant nature that sometimes tends to eclipse others nearby. She does not mean to be so intense, but neither can she easily dampen her moods or dedication to her studies. Unfortunately her passions are not always pleasant as she has also been known to have a fairly passionate temper as well.
Despite her sometimes careless behavior, Samantha does try to remain a law-abiding citizen and frowns deeply upon criminal acts in general. While she does feel compelled to try and help some of the misguided souls she meets, she has no desire to follow them down their paths to degeneration. She tends to respect her elders and those in positions of authority, and will even offer assistance to them when and where she is able to. Unfortunately, like so many other 'good law abiding Samaritans' before her — she tends to at times be a bit too trusting and sincere for her own good.
Vegetarian (Mostly)
Despite her own culinary skill, Samantha can't bring herself to eat animals. As a result, she is a Vegetarian… or at least mostly. She will eat fish. While she likes animals, she is not one of those fluffy-hippy-animal rights activists — though she will lash out at those she sees abusing the creatures first hand.
Views on Vampires and Werewolves
Samantha has not had many dealings with either race but tends to be fairly indifferent towards each. In her view, as long as they are harming no other — then they should be left in a peaceful existence. While she realizes there are a handful of each that are proverbial 'bad apples', she reserves the right to deal with them as any good witch would should they dare to cross her path… for better or worse.


Name Race Relation Notes
Ashton Witch Cousin/Best Friend Cousin, best friend, and sister of her heart — Ashton is all these things and more. She is the foundation to Ashton's impulsive nature and the calming force which seems to keep the somewhat flighty woman grounded. In turn, Ashton is the social force which commands Samantha pull her nose from her books. There is little she would not do for her cousin, and heaven help anyone that dares to bring harm to the other girl.
Nicco Fiore ??? Cousin/Ally The eldest of her Fiore cousins, Nicco, or Nicki as she calls him, is Samantha's oldest cousin (on her mother's side) and an absolute womanizer of the worst possible sort. Yet despite his female exploits, he is fairly reliable and one hell of a fighter.
Samuel Niveus Witch Father/Mentor Once a stalwart attorney and assistant D.A. in Chicago, Samantha's father was appointed to the Cook County circuit court bench nearly four years ago. His namesake, she adores her father even if he can often times be overly stern and controlling. Like many Niveus coven members before him, Samuel has an affinity for Warding magic and served as Sam's primary instructor.
Elena Fiore-Niveus Witch Mother Elena is a well-respected psychiatrist and part-time professor at Northwestern University. The only daughter from the Fiore Coven, Elena was once engaged to one of Gregory Umbra's nephews. The engagement was brought to an abrupt halt when Elena wound up jilting her fiance in favor of Samuel Niveus from Chicago. Gifted in the Elemental arts, with a particular affinity for Earth, she spends most of her free time tending to her lush gardens. The Fiore Coven remains fairly neutral in the growing animosity between the two covens, choosing to remain on the outside due to their vested ties through marriage with both families. The Fiore Coven is well-known for their prowess over Elemental magics.
Aaron Niveus Witch Brother Aaron is Samantha's younger brother by a little over a year and a consummate pain in the rear. Though they are relatively close, they clash frequently over his rather irresponsible and reckless behaviors. Sometimes she swears his only goal is to drive her absolutely insane — still she would do almost anything to keep him safe.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
The Politics of Pizza February 27, 2010 February 27, 2010 Samantha and Carter have a chance encounter at a pizza parlor that turns into a night of semi-pleasant conversation.

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