Portrayed by Natalie Dormer
Fullname Elisabeth Savannah Sheffield
Birthday type here
Species Vampire
Age 21
Height 5'6
Weight 127
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Occupation Former Debutante, Former Art Student

Claim to Fame

In Savannah, GA, Elisabeth Sheffield was a promising art student, the daughter of a wealthy banker, and a spoiled debutante likely to marry into her class and live a life of luxury.

In Dallas Texas, Savannah is Cabot's Child, freshly made and as clueless and unpredictable as could be expected.


Savannah was born Elizabeth Savannah Sheffield in the city of Savannah, GA some twenty one years ago.. Her father Maxmillian Sheffield III was the son of a prominent banker, his family members of the Southern elite for more than seven generations. His wife Anne was a former debutante, and pushed Elizabeth, her only daughter, to be the epitome of a Southern Lady in a time when such a thing was already more than obsolete.

The elitism of her lessons took, even if some of their nuances were lost on young Elizabeth. As she came into her teen years of formal dances and cotillions she carried herself just as above reproach as her mother would have expected her to, and learned to hone a certain grace even if it did come with some snobbery. Her parents money was easily taken for granted, and a collection of expensive jewelry and fashion clad her form wherever she went. Once the years of exclusive private highschool finished, that path led to Savannah’s College of Art and Design, where she began a course of studies in painting, photography, and conceptual art. Years of being raised amongst the finest that the city had to offer had given Elizabeth a discerning eye, and that combined with a natural talent that surprised both her parents, though certainly not Elizabeth herself.

Not deigning to live in the dorms, but certainly not interested in residing with her parents once past the age of eighteen, Elizabeth convinced her father to purchase her an apartment downtown near campus. Once settled in, she began to experience some of the rebellion typical of young women her age. Though still dating a young man from her highschool years, Jack St. George, whom her parents dearly hoped she would wind up with long term due to his good breeding and fine financial prospects, she began seeing other men as well now and then. Alcohol was prominent among the art students, as were other drugs, pot, cocaine, and occasionally even V. It was the latter which Elizabeth found she enjoyed the most, describing the experience with all the pretentious adjectives that a young sheltered art student would tend to.

It was in her explorations of this latest vice that Elizabeth met James Edward Cabot. A sojourn to one of Savannah’s vampire clubs saw the two to talking, and eventually to making out in a dark corner. Over time, Elizabeth was able to experience tasting his blood directly, finding it deeper and more interesting than merely imbibing from a vial with her art school friends. In truth, she found him more interesting than many of them in general, and they began to see one another more frequently. Eighteen months went by, and Jack, still Elizabeth’s ‘boyfriend’ in his mind at least, planned a getaway for the two of them for Spring Break in St. Bart’s. Fairly convinced that he meant to propose marriage while on this romantic trip, Elizabeth confessed this conundrum to Cabot, who did not take to the news well. He attempted to force her to chose between the two, and Elizabeth found herself growing cross with him. Discussions circled, with her wavering between promising to break things off with Jack, attempting to break things off with Cabot, and vowing that she was done with both for good. Then a flurry of events whose details are still a blur of anger, pain, and fear occurred, and Elizabeth found herself clawing her way through dirt, bidding much of the life that she knew goodbye for good.

Under Cabot’s direction and knowing that at least for now it must be heeded at all costs, she has begun using her middle name as a moniker and left school, Jack, and her parents behind. Dallas seems to be the destination for the time being.

Character Details

Savannah grew up wealthy, petted, and sheltered, and at first glance
can seem quite the product of said upbringing. She is new to her Vampire
skin and still behaves as if she expects to be provided for, as if Cabot has
simply stepped into the role of parents or suitors before him and will hand
the world in her direction on a silver platter.

Beneath such a mein however, there are depths to both who Savannah
is and who she can become. Once she stops long enough to look at the nature
of the world she is capable of making real observations, and such have often
been reflected in her art. Her sense of loyalty runs deep once it is pulled
forth. It is merely that her first loyalty is always to herself.


Name Race Relation Notes
Cabot Vampire Maker What was a casual relationship if a passionate one while she was a human is suddenly something so much more, and Savannah finds herself now completely dependent on Cabot. Just how he likes it.

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