Portrayed by TAYLOR KITSCH
Fullname Sebastian Cullen Reynolds
Birthday July 5
Species Shifter
Age 27
Height 5'11"
Weight 150 lbs.
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Occupation Zoologist

Claim to Fame

Sebastian's parents, Cullen Reynolds and Adele Reynolds-Archer have their own television nature series. 'The Heart of the Wild' has been on the air for going on 16 years, starting on PBS and moving into cable during later years. Before he returned to Dallas to settle down and get his college degree, Sebastian was a 'child star' as part of this show. More recently he's become pretty famous as the local 'go to guy' for all questions animal related. Need to know what animal made that print, call Tian. What kind of teeth and claws ripped that thing to shreds? Ask Tian.


From the Serengeti, to the rain forests of Brazil, to the Australian Outback, Sebastian Reynolds grew up with the world as his playground. The family house may be located in Dallas, where Sebastian was born, but their home was wherever the next episode of 'Heart of the Wild' was to be filmed. He is somewhat of a child star for his exposure on the show. Even before the popular nature series went on the air, the Reynolds family traveled extensively in their study of the many and varied animal species of the world. Both of Tian's parents, Cullen Reynolds and Adele Reynolds-Archer are experts in the fields of zoology and biology. They are also both true shifters, a trait they share with their only son.

Despite bouncing around from place to place, Tian grew up a happy and well adjusted child. For obvious reasons, he was educated by his parents and tutors rather than in a traditional school environment. His parents strived to be sure that his education wasn't only on track but ahead of the 'norm' for his age group. They encouraged him to excel and did so lovingly rather than with whips and chains.

He was prepared for the possibility that he would shift long before he hit puberty, always having known what his parents were and what he might, one day, become. The night of his first shift, he took the form of a peregrine falcon. It just so happened to be the bird of prey and the efforts that led to its recent removal from endangered status that his parents were doing an expose on at the time. His parents shifted with him and, as they did almost everything, they flew the skies together. The falcon remains his animal of choice in regards to shifting, but Sebastian has ran with wild animals of all types, shapes, and sizes in his lifetime by taking their form and becoming one of them.

The one dark spot in his otherwise bright childhood was being diagnosed at the age of six with Type I diabetes. He's been insulin dependent since his diagnosis. It was his diabetes that made it necessary for him to settle down for a more stationary life. As he got older, his condition worsened and it became harder and harder for him to manage 'in the field'. He returned to the states, passed entrance exams with flying colors and was admitted to Cornell University for undergraduate work. Last year he obtained a Doctorate in Zoology and Animal Biology from the University of Texas at a remarkably young age, but he had a lifetime of experience in the field under his belt already. Currently he works at the Dallas Zoo, and is considered one of the 'go to guys' for all questions animal in the area.

Character Details

Normally quick with a smile and a joke, Sebastian seems to take life (both the good and bad of it) mostly in stride. He's bright, intelligent, and sometimes doesn't know when to shut his mouth. His love for, and knowledge in regards to, animals knows no bounds. Fiercely loyal to those who earn his loyalty, Tian is also just as quick to turn his back on those who break his trust. He tends to hold a little bit of a grudge in that regard. While normally laid back, he has a few hot button issues that will have him quick to jump into a fight. One of them is seeing a woman mistreated.

In terms of personal relationships, however, he tends to gravitate toward the dangerous types. More than one of his close relationships has turned abusive in the past. It's a pattern of behavior he strives to overcome, but this submissive, almost masochistic side of his nature leaves him vulnerable to being taken advantage of by unsavory types both male and female. He prays for the day that he will no longer have to hide what he is and applauds the vampires for 'coming out' even if he finds them creepy overall. He often lets his heart rule his head and will leap into a situation without looking.


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