Portrayed by Shad Moss
Fullname Sipho de Sifiso
Birthday November 11, 1811
Species Vampire
Age 194
Height 1.8m/5'11"
Weight 78kg/172lbs
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Occupation Con Artist

Claim to Fame

Believed to have glamoured a vampire.


November 11, 1811 — a male child of the Zulu Tribe was born and given the name Sipho(Gift). His mother being the head of the spiritual sect of the Zulus, he was given the traditional upbringing for all males as a warrior first, however his unique lineage allowed for additional training as a shaman—lending to his eventual title as 'warrior shaman of the Zulu'.

1816 — the most famous Chieftain of the Zulu Kingdom rises to power, and spares Sipho's life due to his youth and influence as not just a warrior but also a spiritual leader among his people. Shaka Zulu creates a new class of warrior partially due the intriguing nature of Sipho's previously unheard of position, thus creating a unique class of tribal paladins.

1824 — Sipho becomes a man through standard Zulu trials and rituals, solidifying his place as the first yet youngest member of the Zulu warrior shamans. Sipho is a crafty adolescent with a shrewd intellect and stoic personality, reminding Shaka Zulu of himself in his youth. Sipho is one of the few of his age to be granted regular access to the Chieftain for counsel and tutoring during the dark period after the death of the Zulu Patriarch's mother; taking his duties very seriously as one of few personal priests to the 'King'

1828 — Shaka Zulu is assassinated in a plot born of his half-brothers who saw his fraternization with white settlers to be 'problematic' given their unsavory plans for the region. Sipho survives due entirely to having been part of an envoy that was absent during Shaka's assassination to continue negotiations with the British colonials to the North. Upon his return Sipho begins to quietly rally a small force to assist other pro-Shaka Chieftains in order to resist the new rule of Shaka's half-brother Dingane. A bloody civil war ensues.

1828* — Sipho and a small band of allies are ambushed by a creature unknown to them, and most of the party is slain. Sipho, being the spiritual leader of the party enters into the forests of South Africa alone in order to call out and contain the demonic threat. This is the last anyone hears from Sipho for a period of two years.

1830 — Sipho returns, bringing with him newfound power thought to be born of a pact with demons, or possession though he is granted audience with Mpande, another half-brother of Shaka Zulu. Sipho assists in manufacturing a key alliance between Mpande, Boers, and the British which leads to the defeat of Dingane. Mpande rules over the Zulu Kingdom for a period of 30 years, during which Sipho continues to aide the Tribe in the form of a 'wraith', visiting the Chieftain and his successor during the night with prophetic insights contributing to the Zulu defeat of the British Army at the Battle of Isandlwana. After this Sipho is never seen again among the Zulu.

1872 — Sipho travels the world with his creator Dantez, a vampire of Spain who sired him due to contempt for the British. Sipho had willingly been utilized as an agent of revenge against the State that had killed his wife and young daughter during a misunderstanding. Dantez would go on to teach Sipho European customs, relations, and history for the next twenty years.

1918 — Following the end of the Great War Sipho's ability manifests out of an intense desire to bring stability to his homeland of Southern Africa. Dantez theorizes that Sipho is able to glamour any being, even supernaturals once because of his status as a shaman(referred to by Dantez as a 'witch') in his former life. Dantez and Sipho part ways due to ideological differences, as Sipho's wish to utilize his ability to empower the Zulu Kingdom which would eventually kneel before the superior 'firearm' technology of the British Army is adamently denied.

1956 — Through use of glamour and his uncanny ability to exert control over even supernaturals with his strengthened power to force anyone to do his bidding through direct eye contact one time, Sipho amasses great wealth by living vicariously off of the rich and powerful of several different countries under the guise of a gigolo/private entertainer.

2003 — Sipho settles in the United States of America under the name Sipho de Sifiso(Gift of Wish) as a member of the AVL. Having kept mainly to himself little is known of him save for those that have met him personally, and those who know his estranged 'Father' Dantez.

Character Details

Sipho is a rather stoic individual who rarely lets others into his mind, which would likely drive even the most level-headed insane. His greatest weapon is his power of awareness and thought, as he is constantly scrutinizing himself as one who is truly aware of himself as an observer, and of the inner-observer who observes the observer. Almost every action is carefully planned and calculated, even those that appear to be completely aloof are generally well thought out ahead of time. He often appears clueless to others, largely due to his desire for control, as lowering one's expectations of him allows him to manipulate others into a more relaxed, less guarded state in his presence. He knows how to enjoy himself given all of the benefits of his undead state and is no stranger to pleasureable persuits, though he longs for something more especially given the strength of his unique gift.


Name Race Relation Notes
Michael Vampire Acquaintance An Elder vampire that Sipho has come to respect, and possibly befriend. He has been invited to Michael's house warming party.
Wit Human Acquaintance An interesting fellow that could someday be called friend.
London Werewolf Acquaintance A Were that seems uneasy around him…naturally.
Rose Human Passing A friend of London with issues.
Kaedin Witch Passing A jerk-off friend of London.

Character Gallery


Title IC Date OOC Date Quick Description
Strangers In The Night December 30, 2004 December 30, 2009 Sipho and Wit cross paths, whose paths are then crossed by werewolf-London.

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