Portrayed by Megan Fox
Fullname Sloane "Molly" Young
Birthday May 1st
Species Werewolf
Age 21
Height 5'6"
Weight 125lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Dark Brown
Birthplace St. Petersburg, Russia
Occupation Useless pooch

Claim to Fame

Not many people would recognize Sloane unless they read about animal rights movements. If anything, they'd know her as the person who practically runs the DWPC (Dallas Wildlife Preservation Company) all by herself. People who pay attention to local sports like baseball or swimming might be familiar with her as well, as she's won a few minor awards.


Do you know how weird it is to hear your father ask you to call him "Cookie"? Do you?

Molly does.

Molly was adopted at a very young age, and spent only six years with her biological parents in St. Petersburg, Russia. She still doesn’t remember their names, but something must’ve happened to have made them give her up so quickly. Somewhere in Minnesota, USA, two men decided that they'd be suitable den fathers for a child who was abandoned, and that's how Molly came to America with only one small token from her biological parents; a dog tag and collar.

She was much loved as a child. Cookie and Jordan Lee Young were excellent parents, and had great paying jobs in wildlife preservation and with this money they spoiled Molly. When she was 6, they put her in figure skating classes (something she’s still not proud of), and then watched their child grow in ways they never expected.

It was when Molly turned 12 that she had her first experience as a creature of the night. The realization of her powers changed her outlook on life very dramatically. Because she knew very little about what she was, she was frightened and ashamed of her true nature. To appear to be one thing, then suddenly shift into another was surprising and also very physically jarring. She kept it a secret from her dads for a very long time. At the same time, Molly, or "Sloane", as she began calling herself, was just beginning to wonder why all the other kids had one mother, and one father, while she had two. Every kid has an “emo” phase, but Sloane’s would last for years.

School was hard for Sloane. In Minnesota, she was made fun of and mocked for the fact that she had two daddies. What's more, Sloane was developing her abilities as a werewolf, but still regarding them as a negative trait. A very confusing, disorienting trait. The bullying led to a loss of self-confidence, which later turned into anger, resentment, and aloofness. Cookie and Jordan began seeing their adopted daughter fall into a rut of self-hatred, and her grades dropped significantly. Instead of doing her work, she focused more on her alternative interests.

She paid little attention to school, and focused mostly on her chores around the site, like fixing the tractor or the AC. Jordan taught her how to play baseball and swim, and so her weekends were spent either out on the water, or with the local women's baseball league. She was rather good at HITTING things. Dancing, was another interest, however not the kind her parents were keen on, though she did go on to learn many different types. At age 13 she began hanging out with a group of older boys; boys who thought break dancing was the shit and acting tough was just what you needed to do.

When she turned 17, the unorthodox family decided to pack up and move to Dallas, forcing Sloane to leave behind her friends. Or whatever you’d call a violent gang. She graduated in the same year, barely skimming by, and her dads got her a motorcycle, against Cookie's better judgement. It was around this time that Cookie decided that they were to be conservative people, and Earth-friendly. Soon, the motorcycle and tractor were the only things on their property that used excessive amounts of gas. Sloane came home one day and found their microwave had been torn out of the wall…

By then, it was looking as though Sloane didn’t have a future in academics – she had been close to failing in nearly every class in high school, though there was no denying that she was the best dancer a lot of her schoolmates had ever seen. On the side, she took up remixing and spinning the discs at local clubs using a fake ID. Sloane was destined for greatness in the arts, not education. She even found herself a new group of unruly hoodlums to run with. This time, they were of her kind – a werewolf pack.

It’s impossible to avoid discrimination. While she escaped the kind she had in Minnesota, moving to Dallas brought on an all new kind of oppression for her. Her integration into the werewolf community was gradual, but it did eventually happen. She became the odd one out, like the weird cousin with a harelip that all the other family members accept begrudgingly. To compensate, Sloane was required to be especially tough – there were only few times when she could let her actual feelings show through. It did help that she learned fast, and the wildlife preservation site her parents owned was a great hangout for them.
Her involvement with werewolf gang activity was surprisingly limited to ‘hanging around’. She was considered the brains of the group, which really, was not saying much. She gravitated towards this group of people because the environment reminded her of the small taste of acceptance she had back at home. Read: small.

The gang, which was more like a collection of other angry, brooding white werewolf teenagers, appreciated her simply for the fact that she didn’t complain, and she could just stand there and look pretty if she felt like it. Not so much in the drugs department, however she did indulge in drinking. The thefts were minor in comparison to other gangs; the worst she’s done was hopped through a random apartment window, grabbed a cell phone, a wallet, etc, and gotten the hell out. They were considered somewhat nomadic; they needed to keep moving, bouncing from the surrounding cities and back to Dallas seasonally to avoid conflict with other, more established, territorial packs.

Rather than attend college, Sloane began working at her parent’s wildlife site in the countryside near Dallas. She connected well with the animals, and though Cookie and Jordan Lee knew she was involved in shady business, they allowed her to develop on her own. She still hadn’t told them about her “other side”, and her connection with the saved wolves in captivity at the site went unexplained. On the first of February in 2004, her pack made the decision to move completely away from Dallas following a threat from one of the groups of vampires area, and Sloane refused to accompany them.

Instead, she stayed behind to keep her fathers company and help run the wildlife site. Without a pack, it seemed like she lacked a purpose, and she became listless. When she caught wind of the Muea Tseena pack, Sloane jumped at the opportunity to meet with their alpha, and has been seeking him out ever since.

Character Details

Sloane's not a content person. Or so she'd like others to think. More often than not, she's frowning. Or whatever smile anyone sees is very broken and strained. She's not a teenager, but she's still stuck in that frame of mind where everything sucks and she has nothing to look forward to, though she keeps those thoughts to herself, and rarely complains out loud. Sloane has a lot of inner conflict, and can never make up her mind, especially on decisions affecting the course of her life. Her brooding and obnoxious personality makes it difficult for others to connect with her. If you can take the heat, then she's really not so bad… sometimes.

She is a very hard worker and is diligent with most of the things she does, but finds herself unmotivated when it comes to things like educational development. As a result, her grades during high school were poor, but she never flunked anything completely. Her interests range from sports and rock music, to motorcycles and… Musicals. She comes off as a very angry, upset person, and purposely acts smarmy to keep people away. Her views on her shifting abilities are mostly negative because she knows very little about what she can do, though she's certainly the type to abuse her powers.

Soundtrack and Themesongs

Song & artist Theme Lyrics
The Grace - Neverending White Lights Romance "Angels say they can make you suffer. Give and take like a vicious lover. When all this loses meaning, you'll never want it back somehow."
Need You Now - Lady Antebellum Romance "It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone, and I need you now. Said I wouldn't call, but I lost all control, and I need you now."
Human - The Killers General "I'm on my knees, looking for the answer. Are we human, or are we dancer?"
Skeleton Key - Margot & the Nuclear So and So's General "I did a horrible thing to that girl. I bred my misery and drowned it in her. And she got me high, and I hardly noticed there were tears in her eyes."

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
Pride and Prejudice February 26, 2010 February 26, 2005 Sloane comes into Hana's flower shop, buys a crapload of crap (literally) and is preached to. (Warning: May be offensive.)
Dinner and a Missed Delivery February 26, 2010 February 26, 2005 While waiting for her 'dinner date', Mignonette meets Sloane.
Rustic Abduction February 27, 2010 February 27, 2005 Sloane comes into the flower shop again, although this time she doesn't want any of Hana's flowers.
Creatures of the Night February 28, 2010 February 28, 2005 Sloane happens upon Beatrix in Koreatown. An unfriendly exchange of words occurs followed by some palm reading.

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