Summer Houston
Fullname Summer Alyssa Houston
Birthday February 14
Species Shifter
Age 27
Height 5'11
Weight 132 lbs.
Eyes Dark brown
Hair Brunette
Occupation Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Faction Muea Tseena Pack

Claim to Fame

Most would know her as one of the Veterinarian's of Rutherford Veterinary Hospital, though on her days off she can often be found helping out at her parent's book store at the Preston Forest Shopping Center.


Character Details

Summer was, and always will be a daddy's girl at heart - nevermind that her father had a few troubled years. It's from him that she takes her love of books, and her determination to succeed no matter what is thrown in her path. Thanks to her years of being ignored, she's fairly good at holding her hurt in until she can't hold it anymore. In those instances she usually explodes with emotion.

When working at the animal hospital, she can be very cool and collected, completely focused on the situation. Detaching herself emotionally. Unless she loses a "patient", in which case she tends to take things to heart.

She is a generally charming, individual. She has a passion for fine wine, classy clothing, and a compulsion to buy new shoes whenever she is out and about.

She hates non-pack werewolves, thinking them to be rough-and-tumble base creatures. All rogues and bullies. Her packmates she adores, as she knows that they are much like an extended family to her. Something she has been missing for many years. Her thoughts on vampires are undecided. She treats each one as an individual, not trusting any of them.


Name Race Relation Notes
Toby Houston Shifter Father Toby and Summer are close. She adores him, and is the apple of his eye. They had a rough patch in her pre-teens, but in the end that just made them stronger.
Mischa Shifter Ex-Boyfriend Things will be awkward for a while, but Summer is sure everyone can be friends eventually.
Elliott Human Friend Discussions and debates abound, serious and not so serious.
Dr. Cox Werewolf Doctor Went to see her for stitches.
Kira Werewolf Acquaintance An acquaintance of Mischa's that she met briefly at the Pack Meeting.
Abbey Werewolf Acquaintance Met at the Cerebral Deli one evening.
Brett Shifter Dating They've been dating for a while, and have recently taken the plunge and moved in together.
Dr. Trudeau Human Acquaintance/Colleague Ran into him at the SMU labs one evening.
Corey Shifter Brett's Brother/Friend Something tells her she probably shouldn't listen to every story he tells, but he does offer some good advice…
Leigh Werewolf Cop/Friend of Corey's More of an acquaintance. Have been running with her a few times with the Coleman's.

Character Gallery


Title OOC Date IC Date Quick Description
The Next Step August 19, 2010 August 19, 2005 Brett surprises Summer with an invitation.

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